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The Feng Shui Bathroom

The bathroom has a bad reputation in feng Shui, and in some ways this is deserved, as you will discover. But it's not all negative. Comfort, cleanliness, and convenience are key ingredients to good feng Shui, and our modern bathrooms provide them all. One of the challenges posed by the modern bathroom is that there's no good place for it in the Bagua, which long predates indoor plumbing. We can look at the bagua and see at a glance that the Family area would be a good place for the living room, that a home office is well-placed in the Knowledge, Wealth, or Career sectors, and that the Marriage corner of the house is a great place for the master bedroom. But where does the bathroom go? The bathroom is a little out of place anywhere, although some locations are more troublesome than others. The thing to keep in mind is that bathroom plumbing has a draining effect wherever it is located.

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As most of the Feng Shui practices have strong scientific basis, there are two important rules of thumb that you need to remember when it comes to the location of a bathroom. First you need to know that , the bathroom and toilet are primarily governed by and driven by the element Water. 

In Feng Shui, Water is associated with wealth, prosperity, career and good cash flow. Secondly, you should keep in mind that bathrooms are associated with elimination and waste. With these two considerations in mind, it is easier to understand the main rules that apply to the layout and location of this space.
Bathrooms are places for purification and cleansing, so a clean, sanitary bathroom strengthens and supports important energy. A dirty bathroom, on the other hand, emphasizes the negative qualities of this room. If your bathroom occupies any of the more challenging locations , it is essential to keep it sparkling clean, tidy, and well-lit.

For both the bathroom itself and the toilet, always make sure that the plumbing fixtures are spotlessly clean and work. Dripping taps encourage you to waste money, plus noisy plumbing are disturbing on a subliminal level. Keep the area light, airy and well lit. Ideal Feng Shui colors for the bathroom or the toilet include light grey, cream and pale blues.

Since it is where you begin and end the active part of each day, you should try to make it more attractive and inviting using the Bagua, which treat bathroom as a separate space. In general a bathroom has more faucets, sprayers, water jets and other things that emit water in other directions than the downward direction; it helps with flow and bringing wealth in your house. Also consider strategically placing mirrors so that these faucets are reflected. Be careful not to situate mirrors in places where the toilet is reflected.

Without a clearly marked out space in Bagua, the bathroom is a little out of place anywhere, but thanks to the time tested Feng Shui wisdom, you can easily identify problems with your bathroom.

Bagua is a diagram that divides the room or space in nine areas. To use it, stand at the threshold of the door facing the bathroom holding the diagram in a way that the areas closest to you are Knowledge & Self Cultivation/Career & life Path/Benefactors & Travel .

The nine guas or areas of the bathroom indicate Wealth & Abundance (where you need to place something that symbolizes money or prosperity and use purple color or accessory in this area to attract wealth and abundance), Family (represented by wood and water, you can keep flowers or framed picture of flowers in this area), Knowledge (illuminate it with desk lamp or keep a potted plant here), Career and Life Path (place a small aquarium, vase of flowers, a collection of seashells or a picture of the ocean here) and Travel (use silver and gray colors here and choose metal and water elements for this area. 

A metal-framed mirror here is a good idea).Other areas are for Creativity and Children (make it colorful, illuminated and creative), Romance and Love (use pink color and things that represent earth and fire elements such as candles, an open fireplace or a potted plant with pink flowers), Fame and Reputation (a high backed chair in front of a solid wall or things that show your accomplishments or red color is best for this area), and finally Health (put plants, fresh flowers, fish tanks, paintings of mountains or forests here and keep it clean and dust free).

Place the bagua over the bathroom sketch and place the fixtures such as bathtub and toilet, closets, doors and windows according to their elements and color, according to the diagram. You may use reflective surfaces to mean more lighting.

Many people feel that because the bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, it is not necessary to take the trouble to apply the principles of Feng Shui, but this is not so. The bathroom is an important room, because its main function is to cleanse the body inside and out. Often the bathroom is seen to create financial problems as this space drains away vital energy and resources. Here are some simple guidelines that can be followed to minimize this risk.
· One of the best positions in the house for a bathroom is in the North as this area is associated with water, but obviously not all of us have the facilities to relocate, and so we have to make the best of what we have.
· Ideally the bathroom and should not be seen immediately on entering the house, lest the incoming Ch'i exits before the whole of the house is energized. Where such a location is unavoidable, there are solutions.
· If the bathroom is in the North of the house, place a wind chime made from porcelain, clay or terracotta in the window recess and this will prevent a business or career going down the drain. Introducing a color scheme based on natural earth and desert colors will also balance the energy by using the interaction of the elements earth and water.

The bathroom is associated with water, and therefore it needs to be balanced by the earth element. This can be achieved by using materials such as ceramic tiles and earthenware accessories. Earth controls water, and so prevents energy and good fortune being drained away.

When considering the color scheme, use colors particularly associated with the earth element. Think desert, think beach, all the natural earth colors from pale sand to deep burgundy, including terracotta, burnt orange, ochre and the sunshine yellows. The element of wood also helps to balance the excess water association of the bathroom by absorbing its effects.

Introduce soft leafed green plants, but avoid cacti that could be a surprise when backing out of the shower. Introducing wood as a material for decorative finishes in the bathroom can be useful. Avoid excessive use of black or blue in the bathroom as these are colors directly symbolic of the water element and will upset the balance.

Another, perhaps surprising element that is useful to introduce to the bathroom is fire. Spotlights, of course, introduce the fire element, but do not forget to plan the bath ledges and shelves that can safely hold burning candles in a variety of soothing and healing essences. The bathroom can run the whole gamut from providing get up and go in the morning to seductively romantic interludes before bed.

The elements need to be balanced, but a bathroom should not be over emphasized. A bedroom holds more importance and should always be larger than the bathroom.

The bathroom is often the first place we sit in in the morning. When we wash and prepare ourselves for the day, you need to have the biggest possible view of yourself at that time. Do place a large mirror behind the sink used for washing first thing. This helps you to start the day with a big clear, bright vision. A small round cracked mirror is going to limit your possibilities! In the same way, being greeted by a mirror that is split in 2 - very fashionable with bathroom cabinets, can also get you off to a difficult start. You are not seeing the whole picture. If a sink or a bath drain sits in the South Eastern sector, keep the plug in when you are not using it to prevent loss of money.

Feng Shui is about the draining and cleansing forces in life. Take a few minutes to sit quietly and ask if you are being drained - emotionally, mentally, environmentally or spiritually. If you are, now is the time to release this downward pull on your vitality.Do not let your Ch'i be drained!

One of the most important elements of concern in Feng Shui is the toilet. Centuries ago, toilets were outside of the walls of a home. Nowadays, no one would want a home that didn't have a toilet and indoor plumbing. In and of themselves, toilets press down chi. Depending on where they are located, they can impact your health, your wealth, your standing in the community -- even your romance. Because cleanliness is considered good luck in Feng Shui, it is important that you don't compound their negative energy by not keeping toilets meticulously clean.
All toilets should be enclosed in their own rooms or hidden from view as you enter the room. Feng Shui principles teach that toilets can actually harm your health, wealth, and well-being if they are situated in the wrong places. Below is an explanation on how the toilets can impact your health -- and what you can do about it.

Toilets should never share the same wall as a bed. If a bed is against the wall and the toilet is against that same wall on the other side, then move the bed. This is very unhealthy. Likewise, you should never see or hear a toilet or bathroom from your bed. This can lead to respiratory problems and loss of wealth. Block the view some way and you will help your health and wealth.

Bathrooms and toilets that are off of the kitchen are another health concern. Always keep the door to the toilet closed so that someone in the kitchen cannot see the bathroom, and definitely not the toilet, from the kitchen. Even the visual thought of mixing wastes with food is distasteful and can have a negative health impact. If the toilet can be seen from the dining room, this creates another health hazard. Block the view with a curtain or partition of some kind. If a toilet upstairs is over the kitchen or dining room, try to move the table or discontinue using this bathroom.

Toilets and bathrooms that can be seen from the front door rob the occupants of career opportunities - or worse yet - put the career you-know-where: in the toilet. Always close the door and make sure the toilet cannot be seen from the front door.

If you have a toilet OVER the front door (such as on a second floor), always be sure to keep a bright light on in the foyer or entrance way. This will help burn up the negative energy. Toilets over or close to the front door create problems for the sector where they are located, such as the wealth, romance, or health sector.


Do's· A toilet should be installed so it cannot be seen from the bathroom doorway, ideally it should be in its own alcove, or hidden by a screen or wall. If this is not possible, hang a round faceted cut glass crystal from the ceiling between the door and the toilet, this will lift and circulate the Ch'i energy.
· Windows should be opened on a daily basis, to allow the fresh air to circulate, this ensures that the Ch'i remains buoyant, and that health, wealth and happiness flourish.
· Doors and drawers to cabinets must be kept closed, so the energy does not move into the dark and stagnate. These cupboard areas must themselves be regularly refreshed.
· Clean the mirror. It reflects yourself. You don't need to have low self esteem, so clean your mirrors.
·Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet. Old, outdated medications are subtle reminders of unhealthy times. Rid your shelves of any expired pills, powders and potions. Keep only the ones you need, and stow those where they won't be the first things you see each time you open the cabinet. Put preventative health treatments like vitamins in a more prominent place, so that you'll feel a greater sense of control over your health.
·Get rid of magazines that you don't read, or simply make them clean, so that you won't think that it's clutter in our bathroom. Rid the space of fashion magazines or tabloids that make you feel that you'll never be rich, thin or beautiful enough. Replace them with books and journals that make you laugh, dream and rejoice.

Don'ts· Plumbing can be a threat to the vital Ch'i energy, it is the digestive system of the house. Keeping on top of the plumbing maintenance is important, dripping taps represent money being flushed down the drain, blockages can represent income being cut off. The toilet seat should always be closed, this is important partly because of its large opening, but also because of the association with a deliberate act of flushing substance away from the house.
· Avoid sharp points and edges, as these represent a cutting knife or a disapproving finger.
· Mirrors must not face each other, or a door, as this increases the energy and speed of Ch'i, which should be slow and calm. Mirrors should be as large as possible in the bathroom, without any visible joints.
· Photographs of loved ones should not be placed in the bathroom. The energy in that space is being drained, and will weaken the relationship between you.


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