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What is a BaGua?

One of the greatest benefits of Feng Shui is self-awareness. In addition to creating home improvements, when you apply Feng Shui principles to your home, you gain a wonderful opportunity to evaluate your life's situations, state your intentions or goals and move into action. Intuition, simplicity and good taste are always in tune with Feng Shui. Personalized touches (things that are especially meaningful to you) provide an added punch to your balanced environment. Again, it's balancing your surroundings to bring about more of what you want in life. Many levels of study, choice, design, decor and application are associated with this fascinating, complex art.

What is a BaGua?
BaGua, an ancient term, translated from Chinese that means "eight areas" (ba: eight; gua: area). It is traditionally shown as an octagon with eight sections surrounding a central area, the tai chi. The qualities of each outer sector are represented by a trigram. To make it easier to apply this map to your living space, we extend the corners of the bagua to form a square, then divide it into nine equal sections.The Bagua is a map or chart that relates the various areas of your life to the 8 sections of your living space. These eight main sections of a space are represented by what are known as guas. But while the word may sound foreign or unfamiliar to you, 'The Bagua' is one of the most basic and fundamental tools of Feng Shui Practitioners or anyone who wants to get initiated into practicing Feng Shui. Click the link for a printable BaGua.

BaGua Placement
Draw a simple floor plan of your living space. Superimpose the Bagua over your floor plan.Think of the Bagua as a transparency, which is placed over the floor plan of an entire house or a single room. To position the Bagua correctly, look for the main door used to enter the house or room. Align the bottom edge of the Bagua with the wall the FRONT (entrance) door is in. Stretch the Bagua sideways or lengthwise to cover the entire space. If there is more than one way to enter a space, orient the Bagua to the main door or entryway. Even if you usually enter your home through the garage, align the bagua of your home to the front door. Now that you know where the areas of your home or rooms fall in place on the Bagua, you're ready to apply appropriate Feng Shui techniques to each area.

The Yin & the Yang of it
The Yin Yang Theory is one of the main theories of Feng Shui. According to the Yin-Yang theory, everything in the universe consist of two opposing, but deeply interconnected forces - Yin ( feminine ) and Yang ( masculine. ) The interaction of these two forces creates the essence of life around us. The best representation of the interaction of Yin and Yang is the Tai Chi symbol: a perfect circle with two contrasting colors, black and white, creating the circle of life together, and each containing inside itself the essence of the opposite energy. Expressed in colors, Yin energy is represented by the Black color and Yang energy is represented by color White. As your home needs harmonious energy in order to support you, it is important to understand the application of the yin yang theory on a practical level. In the Western culture we tend to experience an imbalance of Feng Shui energies. We live in a constant flow of the very active, busy, Yang energy and often weak or even missing energy of Yin (the relaxed and nourishing one.) Creating a home that will reflect the Yin Yang balance is very important. There will always be one quality of energy that is stronger depending on the use of the space, but you need the represent both. The concept of Yin and Yang is one of the most fundamental and profound theories of Feng Shui. It is the Chinese perspective of balance and continual change. Without understanding the conceptual view of Yin and Yang, one cannot properly utilize five elements, since the five elements are the basis of the energetic representations and are the (only!) corrections utilized in Feng Shui.

The Five Elements

One of the main theories of Feng Shui is the Five Element Theory. These five elements are considered the main manifestations of Chi, the vital energy. According to the Chinese, everything in this world belongs to one of the five elements or energies, namely earth, water, wood, metal and fire. They are believed to affect every action and activity and produce life changing effects, when applied to daily life. It is also fortified by the fact that all the twelve horoscopes are based on the five elements. They define the characteristics of a person according to the amount of the element present. Given below is more information on the five elements in Feng Shui. Feng shui decorating is about balancing your home and creating harmony. The five elements are Wood, Water, Fire, Metal and Earth. When they are out of balance, problems may occur. These two are defined in Productive and Destructive cycles.
The Productive cycle is a pattern of harmony: wood fuels fire; fire turns to ash and covers the earth; earth turns to minerals and metals; metals can melt to water; water feeds wood. With the Destructive cycle, however, the pattern changes: wood takes from earth; earth, to feed itself, takes water; water douses fire; fire destroys metal; metal destroys wood. Feng shui elements come together to create a balance.

Applying the Elements
Fire Element (forceful energy) The colors that represent the element of fire (expansion and transformation) are red and orange or any other bright color that bounces light and energizes. The shapes that create the energy of fire are angular such as pyramids, triangles, diamonds, and sunbursts. These shapes send energy quickly in all directions and therefore create movement and change.
Earth Element (grounding and support) The element Earth is associated with muted tones such as yellows and brown. These colors slow the energies. Shapes of the earth energy are squares and rectangles; they are horizontal shapes that encourage the grounding of energy. Changing artwork and windows from portrait to landscape can increase the earth energy in a home.
Wood Element (personal growth) This element encompasses colors that are clear and energizing. These colors are greens associated with growth and purples inviting abundance. Wood represents energy that moves vertically and is therefore associated with cylinders and columns.
Water Element (release and renewal) The element of water is expressed in dark blues and black. These colors invite personal wisdom. The energy of water element is represented by any shape that produces flow. Still water energy is represented by any shape that would holds water and creates a womb like effect. Moving water shapes are drawn as cascades or ripples. This energy flows to the sides and down.

Metal Element (mental power) The metal element is introduced through the colors of white, silver and gray. These colors are sharp and influence intelligence. The metal colors are also represented by the powerful rainbow and bring both healing and creativity. The circle is the shape that brings in the metal element. In a circle, energy is constantly moving in an expanding cycle sending energy outward. This flow of energy often brings individuals into a collective commune.

Working with the GuasUnderstanding the associations and meanings of each 'gua' is the first step in learning to place the Bagua and utilize it as part of your Feng Shui practice. Individual guas have unique personalities, symbols, and associated elements. When you know about each element and its meaning, the Bagua tells you how you can make healing enhancements to your space using one or more elements. Wealth, reputation, love, family and health, travel and helpful acquaintances, career, wisdom, children and creativity are the eight life areas or aspirations; each is represented by a corresponding area on the Bagua map. Full details and characteristics of each gua are listed below.

Knowledge & Self CultivationEducation, wisdom, contemplation & preparation, your spiritual life, self-awareness, ability to receive and give information to give to others, your clients & employees.Contemplation, peace of mind & achieving a quiet heart.. Grounding in life, setting clear boundaries & learning a new skill.

Trigram: Ken

Element: Earth
Cure: Fire to create earth
Colors: Blue & Green

IntentionIf you are a student of any subject
Counseling or self-growth activity
Cultivate a more peaceful lifestyle

EnhancementsBooks or tapes being studied
Artwork of mountains and quiet places
Figures of teachers or wise people
Quotes, affirmations & inspirational sayings
Bookshelves with books you would like to read
A good area for meditation & contemplation
Mountains, rivers & waterfalls signify unlimited potential
Glassware & crystal can put you in contact with your spiritual self

CareerYour life path, strength or weaknesses, communication & social connection, flow, life's journey, life's work, trusting the buoyancy, negotiating, new beginnings, opportunities & unlimited possibilities.

Trigram: K'an

Element: Water
Cure: Metal collects water
Colors: Black, navy, dark brown & charcoal
IntentionMaking any changes in your job
You want to do volunteer work
Looking for a change in your job
Going from one type of work to another
Progress in your career

EnhancementsWater features & fountains
Water flowing towards the house
Art featuring water
Career symbols
Randomly shaped, free-flowing objects
Mirror, glass, & crystal items
Quotes & affirmations relating to career
Fax machine & computer - related to career
Mirror, wind chimes & table lamp

Travel & Helpful PeopleBenefactors or assistance in achieving your goals, support network, & travel, mentors & networking, angels, spiritual guides, mentors, people coming to you, trusting the universe, synchronicity & heavenly guides.

Trigram: Ch'ien

Element: Metal
Cures: Earth produces metal
Colors: white, gray & metallic colors
IntentionTo attract more clients, mentors, customers & benefactors
Planning on moving to a new home or work location
To ask beings or angels for guidance
Travel to a destination
To feel connected more spiritually
Employees that you want to attract or attract people with similar qualities
Your angelic requests for help
Enhance you faith or philosophy of life

EnhancementsPosters, artwork & figures of spiritual guides
Reminders of helpful people in your life
Special places you have traveled to
Quotes & affirmations pertaining to spiritual guidance
Things that have a powerful association to your
Spiritual or religious beliefs
Items pertaining to helpful people such as teachers or mentors
Create an angel nook or garden either in or outside of the house
Create a special Angelic request box & write down your angelic requests for help

Children & CreativityProjects & pleasure, your children bring new ideas to the world, conception, your ability to complete things & creative energy. Creativity, joyousness, playful, lighthearted, manifesting, & fun in life's work.

Trigram: Tui

Cure: Earth produces metal
Colors: White or pastels
IntentionTo become more creative
You're involved in a creative project
You feel creatively blocked
To explore & develop your inner child
Improve relationships with children
To become pregnant
If you don't have time to play, we don't have the energy to continue to grow
EnhancementsArtwork or figures that stimulate your creative juices
Artwork created by children
Whimsical items, toys, stuffed animals
Circular, round, arch-shaped
Things made of metal
Associations with childhood
Items or memorabilia from childhood

Love & MarriageRelationships, partnerships & durability, marriage, & romantic relationships.Devotion, self love, mature sexuality, relationship with yourself. Maternal affection.

Trigram: K'un
Element: Earth
Cure: Fire creates earth
Colors: Pinks & muddy earth tones, peach & apricot

IntentionYou would like to attract a new love relationships
You want to improve a love relationships
To attract clients, friends or potential customers
Draw someone to you

EnhancementsPairs of lovers, doves, hearts & dolphins
Loved one's photo
A picture of someone who looks like the one you will attract
Quotes & affirmations
Associations to love & marriage
Honeymoon memento or romantic vacation
Create a wish book with pictures of the kind of relationship you would like to have.

Fame & ReputationSelf-expression & illumination, your good reputation, what you are famous or infamous for, & an important business area. Recognition, what we are known for, generous acts, authentic self & iindividuality. External radiance.

Trigram: Li
Element: Fire
Cure: Wood feeds fire
Colors: Red & orange

IntentionYou would like more recognition
To establish a good reputation
To be well-know for something you do
Who you really are
What you want to be known for
You and the outside world

EnhancementsAccomplishments, letters of recognition, awards, trophies, diplomas & prizes
Leather, fur or wool. Items made from animals
Lighting, sunshine, & candles
Electric lights &oil lamps
Triangle, conical, or pyramidal shapes

Wealth & ProsperityAbundance & gratitude, fortunate blessings, your ability to receive & reflects the flow of income into your business life. Financial stability, gratefulness, calm security, & aaffluence. Money comes from the outside.

Trigram: Sun
Element: Wood
Cure: Water nourishes wood
Colors: green & purple

IntentionGenerate more cash
Raise money for a special purpose
To increase fortunate blessings
Being in the right place at the right time
Anything that makes your life richer
Eliminating obstacles
Accumulation of wealth
Fulfillment of life's path which is directly related to the journey (career) area
Someone is behind the scenes making things work out

EnhancementsItem to call in the chi such as wind chimes, flags, & wind socks
Valuable possessions, coin, art, & sculptures
Increase the amount of light
Items depicting possessions
Art with flowing water & round containers to catch the abundance flowing from artwork
Healthy plants - shiny, round, coin-shaped leaves,fresh & silk flowers
Fountains, waterfalls - water features
Prosperity bowl to keep $20 & $100 bills or blank or filled out deposit slips
Colorful fish
Quotes & affirmations pertaining to wealth
Personal wealth symbols
Posters, artwork, figures that depict desired possessions such as boats, car, house

Health & FamilyFriends, family relationships, community, ancestors, & growth, new beginnings, reflection of your interactions with or peers in business, your ability to initiate, & your health. Growth & new life.Monthly bills, health, deep roots, ancestors, elders,superiors, influences from the past & heritage.

Trigram: Chen

Element: Wood
Cure: Water feeds wood
Colors: green & brown

IntentionYour health needs a boost
Planning or recovering from surgery
Competing in sports
Would like your social life or family of choice to grow
Improve relationships with relatives

EnhancementsColorful gardens, landscapes & healthy plants in all colors
Pictures of plants
Affirmation box
Fresh cut flowers in all colors
Pictures, artwork of the ideal body
Images of family & friends
Things made from wood
Floral prints, fabric, & wallpaper
Quotes& affirmations pertaining to ideal health or family
Family heirlooms & mementos
Add crystals & additional light

HealthWhole Family, balance & harmony, the center of your house or office is considered vital. Focus on health of the individual family member or employee in order to survive. Unity, health, stability, centeredness & groundedness.
Element: Earth
Cure: Fire creates earth
Colors: Earth tones

IntentionHarmonize & balance your life
Feel centered
Connect with all that is the source

EnhancementsA place of peace
Quiet room for meditation
Objects or art to stay centered
Earth element to stay centered
Square or rectangle
Create a wish book with different areas of your life to unify, balanceand harmonize, look at it often to reinforce your hearts desire

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