Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Feng Shui Fish Ponds

Bring Luck to your Front Door

In order to protect the front door from being hurt by bad external energy, have a water feature near by. When placed on the left, near to your front door (inside looking out), the Water feature can bring good luck.

Fill a pond with terrapins, carp, goldfish, and Arowana fish and healthy plants. (Don't mix fish with terrapins. Decide which you prefer and keep only one species.) Do not place water on both sides of your main door. This spells tears, severe loss, a sudden fall from power.

The best directions to position a Water Feature are North, East, and Southeast. WARNING: Never have a water feature facing out of your Home or Office. Your Wealth and good Chi could be floating away.

Photographer: Diane O'Keefe http://gallery.me.com/sweetp103


James said...

Thank you so much for being here.
I'm restoring a barn shed to make a home office in the back yard and could use some positive energy flowing there.
I've been into Feng Shui about 20 years but sometimes I forget things. I like that you listed the fish and the direction of water flow. I was thinking Koi,but may use one of the fish you listed.
Your blog has the most accurate information I've seen on the internet.
Thanks again!

Michelle Luongo said...

Thanks, James for you kind words. I am glad this info was helpful and good luck on your new office.

Jessie Looi Looi said...

Hello Michelle !

Thank you so much for sharing your tips on fish ponds. My husband actually build a small pod on the left of our main door(facing out) but I am not sure the direction the pond is facing though.

Michelle, I would like to know how long does a it take to see the result/impact of a good and bad fengshui?

Michelle Luongo said...

Hi Jessie,
Great placement for your pond! The time it takes to see results depends on your "clear intentions" for placing the pond. Sometimes the results appear very quickly and then it could take some time.
I don't believe in "Bad Feng Shui", as there is a solution for every problem - The key is to spot the problem area and implement a solution.

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

We got a 20+ yr old house still in good condition, no major repairs done, only electrical and re-painting. It has a big main door facing the East. Leading to the main door is a short bridge with a small tiled pond under it. Pond is around 280 x 380 cm.

A relative gave us several koi fishes and we ourselves bought a few cheaper small ones, all in all they are now about 25 in number. We placed them in the pond, with filter and oxygen running 24/7.

My dad says he heard on the radio a feng shui expert saying that water shouldn't be placed facing the main door.

Is this true? If yes how do we solved this feng shui problem? We do not have budget for making repairs.

Your advice is very much appreciated. Many thanks!

Michelle Luongo said...


Is the bridge higher than the elevation of the house? Actually, water in the front is much better than in the rear, but my concern is that the bridge does not create a virtual mountain or blockage of ci reaching your front door. In Feng Shui having an open area in front of the home - called (Bright Hall or Ming Tang). This allows the chi to "pool" at the main entrance. Since your door faces East, in the cycle of the Five Elements East is ruled by wood & water nurtures wood - like watering a plant.

It is best not to have water on the right hand side of the main door, as you look out of the house.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Michelle.

The bridge is higher than the floor elevation of the house by less than a foot, around 6 inches perhaps. If this is not good feng shui, is there a workaround to this problem without having to undergo construction?

The pond is positioned right at the center of the main door .

Best regards!

Michelle Luongo said...

Add some uplighting to the front of your house to "lift" the chi of the home. Great having water in front of the home.

Jessie Looi Looi said...

Hello Michelle,

Need your advice.

We have a breakfast table facing the main door. However, the distance from the main door to the dry kitchen where I place the table is very far apart. 30 feet

In fact, we hardly use the table to dine because we have a proper dining set @ the dining hall. My main door is actually facing directly to the wet Kitchen door. So we use the table as a blockage so that the chi don't flow directly from the main door to the back door.

I understand that dining table shouldn't be facing the main entrance. Does this take into account because we hardly use the breakfast table for dining, but merely act as a partition and also a place to put some bread and butter.

Appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance Master.

Michelle Luongo said...

Hi Jessie,
Usually when the kitchen is the 1st room you encounter upon entering the home - so does the energy. So my question is are there any eating or weight issues? The kitchen tends to be difficult to be kept clean & de-cluttered - as everyone & everything will be "drawn" to this room.

30 ft is a pretty long distance from the front door. I'm not sure that it is really necessary unless you are trying to block the back door.

Upon opening the front door, walk me through your home. Is there a foyer before entering the kitchen?


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
I have a small pond on the left side of the main entrance (south). The water cascade is facing SW - to the front door, I place 2 red fire pits on each side of the cascade. Pond has underwater lights and 9 goldfish ( 8 - gold and red and 1 black). I’m trying to balance the fact that the pond is in the south. Not sure if I’m doing it right.

Anonymous said...

I have a small pond on right side of the front door. You have suggested that water should never be on the right. What cure can I apply to correct this? Having issues with finding job and fights with husband. Please advise

Chica bombastica bombas said...

Hi my name is Nancy I read that it's not good to add a pond on right side of my entrance if iam looking out from my front door , so this so happens to be the only place where I can add the pond I want so badly , they say it's not good because it makes your spouse to cheat or betray you , is there any way I can balance the pond if I put in that side , what can I add , I been wanting this pond so badly and want to create a fairy village around it for my little girls to play and pretend is a lake for the fairies , what can I do so that if I do add the pond on right side of my entrance it won't cause my husband to cheat please help I don't know what to do , my intuition tells me I need to add this pond