Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Water Element in Feng Shui Artwork

Ascending Lines

When choosing art to enhance a BAGUA area, make sure you look for pieces that really "speak" to you. Keep in mind that water elements have to face to the inside of the room.

Water art in Feng Shui is often used to enhance wealth. A beautiful waterfall image, when hung in the North of your home or office, symbolizes wealth flowing into your life. Take time to look at the it every day and visualize lots of money coming your way. If you're really serious about becoming wealthy, don't miss a day. Art that uses ascending lines in a dynamic, positive motion is an auspicious Feng Shui element for your office.

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Shakti said...

Hi Michelle, as you had said its best to build a fish pond in North, East or Northeast direction and on the left side of the house, my house is facing north, a bit towards North east, so basically left side of main entrance falls in northwest direction. Is it still suitable? And can the pond be build attached to the house wall? Or should it be a bit away from the house? Thanks in advance