Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Feng Shui your Holiday Dinner Table

Excitement is added to holiday mealtimes when the table is set with hard, shiny items such as silver serving pieces, sparkling crystal and brightly-colored holiday china. Red napkins will also create a festive mood, while green napkins and cream-colored linens will tone down the table. 

Speaking of tables, round or oval are the best shapes for Feng Shui-friendly dining. The absence of sharp corners and hard edges helps energy flow freely and gently through the room. A circular shape is symbolic of eternal unity and intimacy. By seating your family and guests at round or oval-shaped tables, no one has to sit at a sharp corner. These shapes foster harmony as there is "pecking order" or rank created by "the head" of a table, everyone is equally important.

If you do have a rectangular dining table, make sure your guests are not seated too close to the corners, which can cause a feeling of unease during the meal. If people feel cooped-up or claustrophobic, they will be more likely to argue. So remove any unnecessary furniture, open the windows briefly to refresh the atmosphere, and use water features, like small fountains or floating candles, to create a calming influence.

Candles emit natural energy and supplement the relaxing effects of dimmed lights. Fluorescent lighting, especially when added to the already stimulating effects of holiday decorations, creates an energy drain and should be reduced. 

Finally, add some relaxing music to your environment and turn off the TV, shutting it into a closed entertainment center if possible.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Feng Shui Bagua and Holiday Decor

Holiday decor and the Bagua

Want to improve your health? Add items that represent earth to the center area of your home, such as:

A fresh centerpiece with real earth, poinsettias,fresh bowl of fruit or fruit in a basket or terracotta bowl.

Want to get your creative juices flowing, or having issues with children (conceiving, or with children you already have)? Add items that represent metal to the center right area of your home, such as: 

ornaments,games,instruments,train set,bowls of ornaments,dolls,carolers,sleds
Looking to increase your wisdom? Add items that represent skills or knowledge to the front left area of your home, such as: 

Three Wise Men of the Nativity set, religious figures, blue crystals; burning frankincense and myrrh incense.

Need to enhance your career? Add items that represent water to the front center area of your home, such as: 

Snowmen, snowflakes or snow globes with a beautiful scene.

Want to bring your family closer together? Add items that represent wood to the left center area of your home, such as: Christmas tree, Hanukkah bush, inherited decorations, holly r nativity scene.
Want to increase your wealth? Add items that represent money to the back left area of your home, such as: 

Gifts (especially the ones you receive),chocolate Hanukkah gelt (money), or evergreens.Purple, red, green and gold crystals, lights and glass balls; coins on a red ribbon.

Want people to think highly of you? Add items that represent fire to the back center area of your home, such as:Reindeer, candles, stars, lights,poinsettias,Menorah,holly or bright colored berries.

Want to improve your romantic relationships? Add items that represent love or sweetness to the back right area of your home, such as:

Chocolates and other sweets! Two Turtle Doves or mistletoe.

Need more help in your life from the people around you? Add items that represent people helping you to the front right area of your home, such as:

Santa, St. Nicholas, angels,gifts (especially the ones you are giving) glittery, gold or silver candles and baubles; gold or clear crystals; metal bells.

The Energy of Charity and the Holidays

The Energy of Charity

At this time of gift giving, why not consider donating things that you no longer need to someone who can use them now and it could very well be just the thing to make someone else's life happier and more joyful. 

Don't complain that you lack closet space if yours are filled with unused clothing, shoes, accessories, and other things that you no longer use. 

The holidays are a great time to create good karma for yourself by cleaning out those closets and donating outdated and unused items to charities. At the same time you will be opening up space in your own life for new opportunities. Remember: reducing, recycling and reusing is great Feng Shui as it takes care of our world and each other.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Feng Shui your Front Door for the Holidays

The "Mouth of Chi" refers to the formal front entry to your home. In Feng Shui, main entrances determine how you present yourself to the world. Front doors and pathways leading to your home, are the first thing visitors notice.

How do you want others to see you?
front door
Be sure that it is clutter-free and that your guests will have a delight of the senses. Festive lights, colors and fresh aromas such as pine and cinnamon will be sure to welcome.

Including objects with either the Metal or Water elements. Metal can be represented by metal objects or round shapes, such as globes or holiday balls. The water element can be represented by wavy shapes, such as garland draped over the doorway or in the entry area, or a small water fountain that will add soft light and sound.

If you place an outdoor fountain by your front door, make sure the water flows toward your door, not away from it. You want all that good chi to come into your life, not flow out of it!

Hang a welcoming wind chime to help keep the positive Chi moving. Ensure that the area is well lit, as light attracts good Chi, thereby increasing its flow into your house.

Feng Shui your Holidays: Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree

treeThis year, think of your Christmas tree as a powerful Feng Shui enhancement for your home! The yang energy of a Christmas tree can be tempered by using cream and other muted colors among the brighter ornaments and by putting bows or fabric garlands on the branches to help soften the tree's harsh edges. Also, it's important to place the tree away from seating areas to ensure the comfort of friends and family.
A tree in the North or "Career" gua will drain water energy, so be very sure to check the water reservoir daily and keep it full. Choose blue lights and decorations and blue/black patterned tree skirt to help bring water energy into balance. Plastic or glass "icicle" decorations will also enhance this tree to good effect.
A tree in the West or "Creativity & Children" gua, or in the Northwest or "Helpful Friends & Travel" gua will weaken the metal chi associated with these areas. Remember that although metal "chops" wood in the Controlling Cycle of the elements, an overabundance of wood has the effect of dulling metal. Use metallic ornaments and tinsel, white lights, and a silver or gold brocade tree skirt. 
In the Southwest or "Relationship" gua, or in the Northeast or "Self-Understanding/Knowledge" gua, the tree will have a more neutral effect. These guas are associated with earth, which is "uprooted" by wood but supported by fire. Here you can use lots of ceramic ornaments, yellow and red lights, and red accents. Skip the tinsel and white lights here, as metal here will deplete earth further.
In the tai chi (center) of your home, the tree will fill your entire house with holiday cheer. This area is also associated with the color yellow, so use a golden-yellow tree skirt and a bright yellow star at the top of the tree.
Together, the traditional Christmas season colors of green and red represent both wood and fire energy, with the wood feeding and strengthen fire. Your Christmas tree is a very strong wood "cure," and when it's covered with electric lights you've also got a lot of fire energy well-supported by abundant wood.
If you have not yet put up your tree, try not to place it in the eastern or southern areas of your home. If your tree is in the south or east, use lots of metallic ornaments, and be generous with the tinsel. Fake snow and icicle ornaments will also help, as their "water" association will "wash away" earth and "put out" fire.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Energy of Gratitude

The focus on human health and happiness is emphasized in many ancient cultures, as it is with Feng Shui. Of course, we each have our own ideas of what makes us happy. In the essence, though, it all comes to the same ideals of enjoying good health, good relationships and living your life with a sense of discovery.

One of the shortcuts to a happy home is to develop the energy of gratitude, as gratitude and appreciation is the only energy that helps attract more of what you love and are grateful for.

This energy is easy to spot in any environment, as it carries a gentle sense of beauty with it - happy family photos, healthy plants, harmonious colors, comfortable spaces, clean air. Your body will know it right away, as it thrives on the energy of gratefulness and appreciation for the gift and the sacredness of human life.

Don't let another day go by without being grateful for the so many things you are blessed with. Make every day a thanksgiving one, it is excellent Feng Shui.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Creating a Healthy Bedroom

First of all, you should sleep in a position with the head of the bed against a solid wall. Your head should be opposite the door so that you can see the door. Don't sleep with a space behind your head. If you are sleeping with your head toward a window, change it, or at least put a headboard on your bed. You shouldn't have your head against mirrors as they are reflective and bounce energy. They will disturb your energy field so that you can't sleep. It is usually good to put the head of the bed in the far corner of the room from the door with your head against a wall.

You should never sleep right in line with the doorway, there is too much energy coming through the door and you can't relax, and it will cause problems to your peace of mind. You also don't want to sleep with your head to a wall that has plumbing in it, or a wall with a computer, television or refrigerator on the other side, because these all have large electromagnetic fields. You want to sleep with your head against a wall that is nice and quiet.

Try not to position your bed under the lower angle of a pitched ceiling, a ceiling fan or a heavy beam. These features are thought to contain "depressing energy" that literally pushes down on you while you sleep. If you have no choice, a bed canopy or lengths of fabric suspended from the ceiling or beams are believed to be Feng Shui "cures" for the problem. If possible, position the bed away from overhead beams. Heavy beams create pressure over the area directly beneath them. This pressure is called Sha Chi and can cause health problems. For example, if a beam is directly over your head at night you might suffer from headaches; over the knees and feet can create knee and leg problems; over the stomach can cause digestive problems; and beams running lengthwise over the bed can cause relationship problems (since it's separating the couple). The lower the ceiling the greater the impact.

Clear out everything under your bed, as the chi of things underneath you will affect you all night long and will block energy and lead to stagnation in life. Having back problems or trouble sleeping? Don't blame the mattress necessarily. The type of objects you keep under the bed can affect your sleep and health. When your bedroom is cluttered and untidy, the energy in there will be low and slow.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Energy of Travel

We all long to create a trouble-free flow in our lives. One way of doing this is with the help of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art to increase the flow of positive energy or “chi” in any environment. “The literal translation of Feng Shui means "wind water”. Wind is the earth’s breath, and water is the invigorating lifeblood of everything that exists on our planet. Both wind and water have tremendous energy that drives Feng Shui's practices to fill your life with positive energies.

You may have heard of using Feng Shui in your home, office or even a room, but did you know its philosophy can also be used to promote the positive flow of energy during your vacation? Here is some Feng Shui suggestions that will help make your vacation escape the relaxing getaway you've been anticipating.

Air Travel
Feng Shui requires breathing space for energy to flow freely. Since space is at a premium on an airplane, it's a good idea to reserve a seat in an exit row. This will give you a little more room to stretch your legs. This is the best way to encourage positive chi and to ensure a comfortable, smooth trip.

Lodging Essentials
Take some large scarves or pachminas with you to enhance up your hotel room. Hang a scarf over the TV or any mirrors before you go to bed for the evening. This will improve your sleep by reducing the reflective surfaces in the room. Place a scarf over sharp corners of night tables or desk. Sharp corners can disturb the flow of chi. Place a scarf over any image on the wall that is unpleasant to you.

Make sure you're in a hotel with windows that can open. Stagnant air is unhealthy. Open the windows to let fresh air into your room when you first arrive. Getting the air moving is a great way to increase the chi. Take favorite scents from home with you, such as your favorite scented candle or incense.

In your hotel room, make sure the telephone and alarm clock are on the floor and not next to your ears. Being awakened abruptly can chase your relaxed mood as well as keeping the pesky "electro-magnetic fields" away from you.

Flowers are an inexpensive indulgence that can really lift the chi to your hotel room.Each time you see them, they will remind you of your "blooming possibilities" and be grateful for a safe and pleasurable journey.

On the Road

Clean your car
Those old papers, cans, bottles, and wrappers create chaotic, stuck energy. Don't forget your trunk, glove box and the other nooks where negative energy might accumulate. Have a trash receptacle, and use it. Clearing out the clutter will make you feel a positive difference in the energy inside your car.

Wash the windowsThe windows are the eyes of your car.Clean windows allow good energy to enter from outside, besides making it easier to have adequate visibility!

Keep water in your car
Drinking water clears your energy and mind. Water represents a smooth flow, when you're driving, you want a smooth, flowing experience. Water energy can also make it easier to cope with transportation woes.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Michelle's Yin Yang Pendant

Many years ago, I received this beautiful yin yang pendant as a gift from a dear friend. It became not only one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, but was also a serendipitous affirmation of my imminent future, to pursue my passion – Feng Shui.

It has become a perpetual companion and its symbolism inspires me to strive to not o
nly keep my home in order, but reminds me of the significance of - “As within, so without”. In our pursuit to create positive Chi, it begins within our body - our personal chi, and manifests into a mirror reflection of our outer world.

Over the years, my necklace attracted much admiration and compliments, the appeal became very evident. As imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I began my journey to find the pendant. The intention of sharing my story is in the hope that you also would be inspired to harmonize your own personal energy.