Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Feng Shui your Holiday Dinner Table

Excitement is added to holiday mealtimes when the table is set with hard, shiny items such as silver serving pieces, sparkling crystal and brightly-colored holiday china. Red napkins will also create a festive mood, while green napkins and cream-colored linens will tone down the table. 

Speaking of tables, round or oval are the best shapes for Feng Shui-friendly dining. The absence of sharp corners and hard edges helps energy flow freely and gently through the room. A circular shape is symbolic of eternal unity and intimacy. By seating your family and guests at round or oval-shaped tables, no one has to sit at a sharp corner. These shapes foster harmony as there is "pecking order" or rank created by "the head" of a table, everyone is equally important.

If you do have a rectangular dining table, make sure your guests are not seated too close to the corners, which can cause a feeling of unease during the meal. If people feel cooped-up or claustrophobic, they will be more likely to argue. So remove any unnecessary furniture, open the windows briefly to refresh the atmosphere, and use water features, like small fountains or floating candles, to create a calming influence.

Candles emit natural energy and supplement the relaxing effects of dimmed lights. Fluorescent lighting, especially when added to the already stimulating effects of holiday decorations, creates an energy drain and should be reduced. 

Finally, add some relaxing music to your environment and turn off the TV, shutting it into a closed entertainment center if possible.

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