Friday, December 17, 2010

Feng Shui your Holidays: Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree

treeThis year, think of your Christmas tree as a powerful Feng Shui enhancement for your home! The yang energy of a Christmas tree can be tempered by using cream and other muted colors among the brighter ornaments and by putting bows or fabric garlands on the branches to help soften the tree's harsh edges. Also, it's important to place the tree away from seating areas to ensure the comfort of friends and family.
A tree in the North or "Career" gua will drain water energy, so be very sure to check the water reservoir daily and keep it full. Choose blue lights and decorations and blue/black patterned tree skirt to help bring water energy into balance. Plastic or glass "icicle" decorations will also enhance this tree to good effect.
A tree in the West or "Creativity & Children" gua, or in the Northwest or "Helpful Friends & Travel" gua will weaken the metal chi associated with these areas. Remember that although metal "chops" wood in the Controlling Cycle of the elements, an overabundance of wood has the effect of dulling metal. Use metallic ornaments and tinsel, white lights, and a silver or gold brocade tree skirt. 
In the Southwest or "Relationship" gua, or in the Northeast or "Self-Understanding/Knowledge" gua, the tree will have a more neutral effect. These guas are associated with earth, which is "uprooted" by wood but supported by fire. Here you can use lots of ceramic ornaments, yellow and red lights, and red accents. Skip the tinsel and white lights here, as metal here will deplete earth further.
In the tai chi (center) of your home, the tree will fill your entire house with holiday cheer. This area is also associated with the color yellow, so use a golden-yellow tree skirt and a bright yellow star at the top of the tree.
Together, the traditional Christmas season colors of green and red represent both wood and fire energy, with the wood feeding and strengthen fire. Your Christmas tree is a very strong wood "cure," and when it's covered with electric lights you've also got a lot of fire energy well-supported by abundant wood.
If you have not yet put up your tree, try not to place it in the eastern or southern areas of your home. If your tree is in the south or east, use lots of metallic ornaments, and be generous with the tinsel. Fake snow and icicle ornaments will also help, as their "water" association will "wash away" earth and "put out" fire.

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