Monday, May 23, 2011

The Five Flowers of Feng Shui

Traditionally, these five flowers are considered the most important in Feng Shui because of the blessings and benefit they provide. As these are considered the most auspicious Feng Shui flowers, don't feel that you need to be limited to only these choices of flowering plants, as there are many more. It is believed if we surround ourselves with "blooms" that we are creating the energy of "blooming possibilities".

The peony is very highly prized by the Chinese who regard it as the king of flowers, representing wealth and honor. It symbolizes love and affection, and also represents feminine beauty.
If the peony tree bursts into full bloom, simultaneously bearing beautiful flowers and vibrant green leaves, it is regarded as an omen of extreme good fortune. All colors are deemed to be auspicious, although red is regarded as being especially lucky for families with a daughter looking for a partner. If you are lucky enough to find one of these trees, plant it in the relationship corner of your property to attract romance luck.


The lotus flower is the most auspicious flowering plant to have if there is a water feature in your garden. It is often depicted soaring from muddy, murky waters signifying its untainted beauty, untouched purity in the mist of contaminated surroundings. the lotus is also believed to inspire a sense of peace, hope, and contentment. It has a special place in the heats of Buddhist, as if you grow the lotus in your pond successfully, it provoke the growth of spiritual consciousness.
White magnolias and orchids symbolize good taste and femininity. In China the magnolia is considered to represent purity and truth. A single magnolia tree planted in the front garden is said to attract contentment and happiness. Grown in the backyard is said to symbolize hidden jewels or the slow accumulation of great wealth.

The Chinese think of flowering bulbs as buried gold, which stays hidden in the ground until the time is right for it to burst out in auspicious and colorful profusion. All bulbs have excellent Feng Shui, such as lilies, tulips and daffodils.

The Chinese are especially fond of displaying rich yellow chrysanthemums during major festivals since the flower is believed to signify, and therefore create, great happiness and joy. They are also related to nobility and strength of character.