Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Weight of Objects :The Feng Shui of the Kitchen

Feng Shui can help you on your quest to getting healthy, including losing weight!

Many of us struggle with weight issues which could be actual body weight or the "weight" of objects standing in our way to a healthier lifestyle. So where do we start? 

The Feng Shui Trinity - The Kitchen, the Bathroom & the Bedroom. Your well being is deeply affected by the connection of these three rooms. The intention, as always is to create a pathway for positive energy to enter your home, as well as your life.

The Kitchen

Avoid seeing the kitchen from the main entrance to the home. If you have this situation, try to create an eye-catching view in another direction when walking in to attract your focus in that direction. Add saloon doors to block the vision of the kitchen. If you enter the home from an alternative entrance such as through the garage, by all means, use the front door.

If the first room you see upon entering your home is the kitchen - all the energy coming into the home is going into the kitchen, as well as your appetite. A few tips if you have this situation:

  • Keep counter top free of clutter to allow the chi to circulate the room without encumbrances. 
  • The stove should be in a power position - seeing the entrance to the kitchen as you are cooking at the stove. 
  • Use directional artwork at the entrance to the home to draw the energy away from the kitchen entrance. Better yet, use a screen or doors to hide the kitchen from view. 
  • Display healthy, fresh energy such as a bowl of fresh fruit or a healthy plant. 
  • De-clutter cabinets & refrigerator of foods not of a health nature. 
  • Display only minimal items on the refrigerator. 
  • Avoid the color red in the kitchen, the color red subconsciously increases hunger.(This is why restaurants use the color red). Use the colors of blue or black in placemats or dining table linens. 
  • Placing objects around your home that represent a healthy body image.