Thursday, December 1, 2011

Feng Shui your Holidays

Do holiday gatherings create more stress than harmony? The holidays may result with your home being overwhelmed with long lost relatives, friends you haven't seen in ages and a whole host of other visitors. We are never more aware of these facts than at the holiday season.
From a Feng Shui perspective, the addition of abundant fire energy, adds an overwhelming level of stress, activity and high emotional sensitivity. This fire energy is created by a higher number of people gathered together, more lights and a lot of red colored decor. However, there are ways you can prepare your home to make the holidays go more smoothly. Feng Shui has some easy, practical solutions for creating harmony for your home this holiday season.

Try some of these Feng Shui tips, and have a safe, stress-free holiday!
Wishing you all a blessed holiday season. 


The Christmas Tree
The Christmas tree is a powerful focal point in your holiday d├ęcor. There are three favorable locations to consider for your tree. First, is the center section of the left side of your home, where it will promote family togetherness. The next is the far left corner of your home, where it will encourage abundance and blessings. Finally, the center portion of the far wall of your home can invite self illumination. When decorating your tree, consider applying Feng Shui colors for beneficial results. Red is the most popular color for the holidays, but avoid overdoing it. Red is of the fire element and can bring about unwelcomed stress and anxiety. The color green represents the wood element that can help calm your home as well as be nourishing to your health. Blue is a water element color and can also have a very calming and soothing influence.

Decorating with Plants
Living plants are providers of fresh, vital chi, and adding Christmas plants to a room is a wonderful Feng Shui cure. Mistletoe is thought to inspire calmness and a peaceful state of mind. This is believed by some to be a magical, healing plant. Holly is a sign of good wishes towards all. The Poinsettia represents love and passion. You might also include wood in your decorations such as a wreath, to help promote harmonious family gatherings.