Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 - The Year of the Yang Water Dragon

The Dragon is associated with the season of spring, so this means you need to get off to a fast start in 2012 as things are going to happen early in the year. If you have been paying attention, you most likely have been feeling some shifts in energy as early as November or December of 2011. Hopefully you used some of the quiet time of the peaceful Rabbit last year to plan for the dramatic dragon. Good luck and opportunities to make money could come very soon after lunar New Year.  

The Dragon, however, is a reminder that everyone has dreams, and that the time to pursue them is now.  Now is the time to take a chance, to reach for the proverbial brass ring, to not only dream but act on that impossible dream. The Dragon gives you the best chance to make it come true.

There is heavenly energy bestowed upon you and there will be people who will come to your aid - from near and far. The question is: will you reject them or will you accept their assistance? The problem is often not about not getting something we want, the problem is that we often stand in the way of receiving.  We get in our own way even when someone is trying to help us. Vow to yourself that you will not only accept help, you'll offer it, too, in the year ahead.