Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Top Ten Tips for the Living Room

  1. fireplaceReduce clutter - Newspapers, magazines and books or music. 
  2. Enclose electronic equipment in an armoire or cabinet with doors. 
  3. Avoid placing seating under beams, or sloped, vaulted ceilings. 
  4. Utilize a variety of lighting sources, appropriate for different activities. 
  5. Avoid over-crowding the room with too many furnishings. Make sure that there is enough space for you and the chi to move around the room easily. 
  6. Position your primary seating area, so that it has a view of the door (command position) as it gives a feeling of certainty. 
  7. Incorporate draperies or window treatments to create warmth and privacy. 
  8. The coffee table is a secondary symbol of health and therefore it should be clean and neat. Bring in nature by way of plants, flowers, or imagery. 
  9. Happy photos of family and friends. 
  10. Use warm, comforting colors.