Friday, December 19, 2014

Feng Shui Holiday Gift Giving


Re-gifting is very Feng Shui-friendly because it removes things you do not want from your home and sends them to a place where they are welcomed.

Just be sure to avoid re-gifting if you have negative feelings about the gift or its original giver, since you might be passing along your negative thoughts to the next recipient.


Looking for those perfect gift for your friends and family? The gifts you choose may have some hidden meaning in Feng Shui terms. Here are some gifts to avoid giving, and options for turning around the hidden message in these gifts if you receive them:

Sharp Objects

Knives, scissors, letter openers, or can openers as gifts represent cutting a relationship. If you are the recipient of any of these as a gift, hand over a coin to the giver to symbolize that you bought the object, and restore the bond between you.

Empty Wallet

An empty wallet, purse, or briefcase represents the lack of prosperity. Instead, fill it with dollars or coins to send the message that your gift will always be overflowing with wealth for the recipient.


Gifts of handkerchiefs are also traditionally frowned upon. This is because a handkerchief is used to wipe away sweat and tears, which suggests a lot of sadness and frustration. Giving handkerchiefs as gifts suggest that you anticipate him/her to be doing much crying in the future. This generates such inauspicious chi.

Thorny Flowers and Plants

Never give cactus or other spiky plants, and avoid giving roses with the thorns still on the stem because these can pierce a relationship, if you receive roses be sure to remove the thorns to symbolize a smooth romance or relationship.

Stunted Trees

Bonsai trees or other miniature plants make poor choices as gifts since they represent stunted growth. Instead, choose full, healthy plants with rounded leaves that symbolize prosperity and long life.

Clocks and Timepieces

In the West, timepieces are, in fact, quite well-liked as gifts. These include: alarm clocks, wall clocks, pocket watches, or a wristwatch, etc.

Timepieces measure the passage of time and this indirectly suggests a limited lifespan, which is very inauspicious. In Chinese (Cantonese), to give a clock or "soong joong" sounds exactly like the Chinese term for attending a funeral, which is naturally very taboo.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Feng Shui Holidays: Room by Room


The front door and entryway are considered the "mouth of chi" where all positive energy enters the home. Make certain that the area is well lit, as light attracts good Chi, thereby increasing its flow into your house.

Holiday lights, vibrant colors and fresh aromas such as gingerbread, or cinnamon will be sure to welcome harmonious holiday energy.

Include elements of metal objects or round shapes, such as ornaments or holiday balls. Add the water element can be represented by wavy shapes, such as garland draped over the doorway or in the entry area. Hang a welcoming wind chime to help keep the positive Chi moving.


Dress the holiday dinner table by striking the perfect balance between the fire element of red napkins for a festive mood and the calming elements of green and cream colored linens.

Lighting white candles releases positive energy, along with having flowers on the table. The combination of the two creates a warm ambiance, opens the heart, and supports people in bringing their best selves to the table.

In Feng Shui we believe the proper seating arrangements are vital to reducing stress. In reality, all the unfinished relationship issues come to the dinner table.

Round or oval tables are the best for Feng Shui friendly dining. In fact, circular shapes are symbolic of eternal unity and intimacy. If you do have a rectangular dining table, to ensure that everyone gets along, set your table with a tablecloth to smooth the hard edges. Make sure your guests are not seated too close to the corners, caused by the cutting chi of the table edges. This can cause a feeling of agitation and being uncomfortably confined.


During the holidays it's easy to feel out of balance, as our environment changes in such an extreme way. You need to recharge your mind, body and spirit in order to keep yourself healthy during the holidays.
Remove much of the electronic equipment from your bedroom and surround yourself with candles, scents, color, and soft textures in your bedroom.


Place sofas and seating in your living room in a circular or octagonal shape which is conducive to easy communication. Try to avoid L-shaped arrangements that may cause an imbalance or where guests may feel cut off. Avoid placing a large coffee table in the center of your living room. Keep the center clear so that family members have a focal point where they may gather. By keeping the center clear you are freeing up chi flow.


Remove sharp knives from the kitchen counter. By placing them out of sight you symbolically diminish the scope for irritability and family arguments. The kitchen is the hub of activity. No matter how large or small your kitchen is - it is the social centerpiece - as well as a clutter magnet. Clutter comes in the guise of gift paper, cards, party invites, decorations, candles, unwanted gifts and the list goes on and on.  Try to keep a handle on what enters your home so that you avoid feeling totally overwhelmed by the experience. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Feng Shui & Your Christmas Tree

Do the holiday gatherings create more chaos than harmony? Our homes may be overwhelmed with "human chi", created by visitors, neighbors, friends and of course our family. The most significant and meaningful relationships in most people's lives are with family members, both blood relatives and our extended family. And, with life's highs and lows, our family is most likely to see us at our best...and at our worst.

From a Feng Shui perspective, the addition of the abundant fire energy, adds an overwhelming level of stress, activity and high emotional sensitivity. This fire energy is created by a higher number of people [human chi] gathered together, more lighting and a lot of red colored decor.

However, there are ways you can prepare your home to make the holidays go more smoothly and create an atmosphere of joy and cooperation. Feng Shui has some easy, practical solutions for creating harmony for your home this holiday season.


The Christmas tree is a the focal point in your holiday d├ęcor in addition to a powerful symbol of abundance. There are three favorable locations to consider for your tree. First, is the east direction of your home, where it will promote family togetherness. The next is the southeast corner of your home, where it will encourage abundance and blessings. Finally, the south direction of your home can invite self illumination. If you need to place you tree in another area of your home, here are some guidelines to create some balance.

North: Make sure the tree has lots of water. Decorate the tree with blue lights and decorations or opt for very reflective ornaments such as those made from glass or mirrored. Use a black or very dark colored skirt around the base of the tree.

Northwest: Choose metal ornaments in gold or silver, tinsel, white lights, and metallic tree skirt.

Southwest/Northeast: Use ceramic or porcelain ornaments. Red, pink, yellow, or earth tones such as yellow or red lights or tree red skirt. Pass up the tinsel and metallic ornaments.

West/Northwest: Use Earth materials such as ceramics or metal items and the colors of white, gray or earth tones.

When decorating your tree, consider applying Feng Shui colors for beneficial results. Red is the most popular color for the holidays, but avoid overdoing it. Red is of the fire element and can bring about unwelcomed stress and anxiety. The color green represents the wood element that can be nourishing to your health. Blue is a water element color and can have a very calming and soothing influence.

Wishing you all a blessed holiday season. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Feng Shui and the Healthy Child

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and philosophy that has been used for over 5,000 years to heal, balance and enrich people’s lives. Feng Shui reminds us that everything is connected, and that our physical surroundings have a significant impact on our mind, body, and spirit. Feng Shui, at its very core is a means of arranging all the things that you surround yourself with on a daily basis— to create the optimal and harmonious flow of vital life energy – chi.

How can Feng Shui help your children to grow and develop in a positive way that enhances their progress, development and behavior? Most parents don’t realize that there can be negative stimulation in the home that affects their child‘s behavior, their health and even their grades.  This negative stimulation is invisible; however, it can be easily remedied using a combination of ancient Chinese wisdom, modern day science and common sense. Applying the practical techniques of Feng Shui and a holistic awareness to your home will help you create a balanced and nurturing environment.

Given that children spend a third of their life in their bedroom, it is critical that this space reflect their true personality. The most obvious aspect to consider is that they are growing, exploring, curious, active, and unique and evolving into their true potential. How can you begin to create a space which can reflect all these needs?

In Feng Shui, we work on creating balance in an environment based on the function of the room. As a general rule, all bedrooms should have a “Yin” quality. Yin, meaning quiet, calming, relaxing, and a nurturing energy. This is especially important in a child’s room, as in my experience, most children’s rooms are decorated in primary or bold, bright colors. These colors creates too much “yang” or active energy, thus the issue of them resisting the dreaded bedtime, lack of concentration or over stimulation.

Avoid using energizing colors like red and other bold, bright colors in the bedroom as they can cause tempers to flare during and too much hyperactive energy for them to fall asleep at night.  It’s not their fault, as they are surrounded with too much yang (active) energy, they can’t relax or settle down. Your child’s sleeping habits will let you know whether their room is comfortable.

If you keep finding your child in bed with you, then their room is not working for them. Soft, comfortable calming colors are best for a child room – colors that make them feel secure and comfortable, such as soft greens, muted blues or earth tones. Bright colors are good for playrooms but bedrooms need to be more subdued.

Their sleeping arrangement is also a very important factor. The goal is to align the child's bed so that they are sleeping in a “empowered position”, seeing the doorway to the room but not in direct alignment with the doorway. This arrangement will give them the feeling of security and comfort. We do not want the bed to be in direct alignment with the doorway, as the chi (energy) comes into the room, hits them in bed and will disturb their sleep patterns and they will opt for a more secure place- i.e. crawling into bed with mommy and daddy.

Children adore bunk beds, but they are not the best solution for limited space. They feel like they are on an adventure, they tend to fight over who sleeps on top and who sleeps on the bottom bunk! If this is the only solution for the space that you have, make sure that the children interchange where they sleep regularly. Sleeping on the lower bunk gives a feeling of being under pressure and being in a cave. To soften this effect, consider painting the "ceiling" of the upper bunk a light color to give an impression of more space for the child who sleeps on the lower bunk. The bed should have its headboard against a solid wall, with the ability to walk around each side of the bed. Try not to push the bed up against one wall or use under the bed storage. We need the chi to circulate under and around the bed freely, bringing healthy, vibrant chi to your child.

If two children share the same bedroom, try to create some form of separation to allow them to personalize and individualize their own area of the room. Designate a specific spot for each child such as a dresser, shelf, closet, or table. This will help identify each child's chi and teach them respect for other people's belongings. Children, just like adults, all need their own space. Sleeping under skylights, beams and shelves loaded up with books and puzzles is certainly not ideal. The pressure from above can give them headaches and disturb their night's rest.

EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) are unforgiving energies emitted by electronic devices. They also decrease the body’s production of melatonin, which is a hormone that regulates your sleeping patterns and moods.   Arrange furniture so that your child’s body is at least 2 feet away from electronics such as computer, televisions, or gaming equipment. Better yet, store them in an armoire and close the doors during sleeping hours.  In addition, television and computer screens are reflective surfaces and follow the same Feng Shui guidelines as mirrors. We prefer not to have mirrors in bedrooms, as they create yang energy, making the room too active. Additionally, if the mirror reflects them in the bed, they can become startled if waking up in the middle of the night. This will make them feel unsettled and once again will opt for the cozy comfort of squeezing between mommy and daddy.

Look at what your child sees every day.  A happy family photo visible from the child's bed is comforting to see before they fall asleep and when they awaken.  It reminds them they are part of a happy family when they are alone in their room.  Posters of kittens, puppies and favorite cartoon characters are non-threatening and comforting for the little ones.  Get to know the subliminal meaning behind the images in your teenager's room and play down any cool "negatives".

If your child is having an issue with focus or concentration, try to have their back to a wall when they are studying. This allows the child to have support so that he can sit there and study longer rather than a short attention span.

Make sure that nothing prickly, piercing or pointed is directed towards their desk chair or the bed. Even a poster with arrows or airplanes with weapons pointing towards them can create some unhealthy energy. Also, put the action figures and stuffed animals away at night. Children do need a place to store their stuff to keep clutter under control. If a child's bedroom is also their study room, they won't be able to focus surrounded by a lot of clutter because clutter is "eye noise".

Creating a comfortable, harmonious bedroom makes for a good night’s rest.  And a good night’s rest makes for a refreshed, healthy child.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Energy of Travel

We all long to create an easy flow in our lives. One way to do this is to use Feng Shui, the ancient art developed by the Chinese to increase the flow of positive energy ("chi") in any environment. "Feng Shui" literally means "wind and water"... two elements occurring in nature that represent positive movement and flow.

You may have heard of using Feng Shui in your home or a room, but did you know its principles can also be used to promote a positive flow of energy during your vacation? Here are some Feng Shui tips that will help make your getaway the relaxing time-out you've been looking forward to.

One of the best things about Feng Shui is that it's portable. That's good news for people who travel on business. Just because you're leaving familiar surroundings doesn't mean you can't be comfortable on the road. If you'd like to reap the benefits of Feng Shui while traveling on business, try some tried and true tips.

When you travel whether for business or pleasure, don't invite chaos by leaving chaos behind. If you leave your home in chaos, you will attract the same energy during your travels. This can manifest as problems with hotel rooms, difficult airline connections or other snafus.

Before your leave home

To ensure a safe and stress-free journey, before leaving prepare your home for a welcoming return. Pay particular attention to the kitchen - give away or throw out any leftovers or outdated food, and be sure to empty all trash cans. Garbage of any kind is stagnating and reduces the flow of energy. Stock your cabinets, too, so you are greeted with a feeling of abundance when you get home.
If you will be away for more than a few days, ask a friend to care for your plants, open the curtains on the day of your return to let the light in to allow the house to be re-energized for your return.

The Energy of Travel

Let's face it, travel isn't quite the glamorous experience that it used to be --- "times have changed" ... and this certainly holds true with travel. It's not that people are traveling any less. In fact, statistics show that we are traveling more and further away from home. Travelers are seeking destinations that offer a unique cultural experience that hasn't been exploited yet. Feng Shui is all about energy and the balanced flow of energy. Can good energy affect the success of your trip? Absolutely! Today, it is more essential than ever before that we prepare ourselves for a trip. I have a number of suggestions that will make your travel experience more enjoyable, which in turn will create positive energy for yourself and for others around you.


The first step is to have what you need! When you start planning your trip and before you actually book it, take the time to locate your passport and ensure it is valid for longer than 6 months beyond your travel dates. If not, apply for a new passport right away.


Be sure to love this essential. Check your luggage at least 2 weeks prior to your trip. Most scheduled airlines now allow 2 pieces of checked luggage (less than 50 lbs each). The bottom line is to travel light. Take only those clothes that you will need and love.  How many times have you come home from a trip and notice that you only wore half of what you packed? Leave space for new things to come into your life. What colors do you love? Think of the colors that will attract what you desire - think about relationships, creativity and abundance.


Start your trip well prepared and rested. Airlines are notorious these days for over-booking flights and you do not want to be the last in line to find out all the seats are taken. Arrive at the airport well in advance of your flight to avoid last minute panic.


Look after your personal energy. Avoid specific time commitments for the first few days so you can ease into your new destination, allowing yourself the time to get over jet lag. One of the best ways to do this is to spend as much time outdoors during the daylight hours and avoid any naps during the day. The sooner you can get on local time the faster your jet lag will go away. Pamper yourself with a beautiful bath by candlelight or a relaxing massage.

Yin Accommodations

Book a yin hotel room early. Request a room far away from elevators and staircases and not overlooking a busy street. These areas of each floor will affect your rest periods. Once settled, you can transform your new home away from home into a tranquil space for you to enjoy. Once settled, use the space clearing suggestions to clear the predecessor energy. I also recommend that you bring fresh flowers into the room and light your travel candles to complete the transformation.


Put your positive intentions into your trip. Be prepared to open your mind to all the sights, sounds and experiences that you visualized while planning the trip.
Enjoy the energy of the local people and let this new adventure begin!

Air Travel

Good Feng Shui requires space for energy to circulate freely. Since space is at a premium on an airplane, it's a good idea to reserve a seat in an exit row. This will give you a little more room to stretch your legs. There's no better way to cultivate positive chi than taking steps to ensure a comfortable, smooth trip.

Travel Tips

Keep the toilet seat down & the bathroom door closed.
Open the windows as often as possible & allow natural sunlight into the room.
Booking a room with a balcony or terrace will offer you good opportunities for fresh air.

Lodging Tips

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of arranging space to achieve harmony, is now being used in hotels worldwide. If your hotel has a Feng Shui design, you should feel comfortable, relaxed, and welcomed immediately. When selecting a hotel, you can remember some of the
following Feng Shui tips.

The bed that you are going to sleep in should not be directly lined with the door. This will also expose you to light from the hallway and noise that will interrupt your sleep.

If you stay on the top floor, you won't have footsteps overhead. Higher rooms are better because there is less weight on top of you.

Lighting should be neither too bright nor too dim.

Sharp corners and exposed overhead beams can also disrupt the flow of chi. A protruding corner creates a direct hit of chi.

A heavy smell of air freshener may indicate that there are other problems with cleanliness. These air fresheners also add to the staleness of a room. If the window won't open, then the smell can become overwhelming quickly.

Make sure you're in a hotel with windows that can open. Stagnant air is unhealthy. Open the windows to let fresh air into your room when you first arrive. Getting the air moving is a great way to increase the chi. Take favorite scents from home with you, such as your favorite scented candle or incense.

Large mirrors make the chi more active, which keeps you awake. Feng Shui professionals suggest hanging a scarf over the mirror and the television to keep them from reflecting so much light and active energy.

Remember, a vacation getaway is all about relaxation and rejuvenation. If a hotel room doesn't meet your needs or standards, do not hesitate to ask for another. Bon voyage!

Lodging Essentials

Request a hotel room far away from elevators and staircases and not overlooking a busy street. These areas of each floor will affect your rest and tranquility.


Hotel rooms often have an impersonal feel. You can correct this problem by taking a small bottle of lavender essential oil on your trips. When you arrive at your hotel, dab two drops of oil on the light bulb closest to your bed. (Make sure the light bulb is cool when you apply the oil.) Then switch on the light. Within minutes, your room will be filled with the soothing scent of lavender. If you don't like the smell of lavender, try regenerative rosemary oil.

Poison Arrows

Large mirrors make the chi more active, which keeps you awake. Take some large scarves or pachminas with you to enhance your hotel room. Hang a scarf over the mirror and the television to keep them from reflecting so much light and active energy. Place a scarf over sharp corners of night tables or furniture, as sharp corners can disturb the flow of positive chi. Place a scarf over any image on the wall that is unpleasant to you. We want to surround ourselves with uplifting and inspiring images.

Healthy Chi

Make sure you're in a hotel with windows that can open, better yet request a room with a balcony or terrace. Stagnant air is unhealthy. Open the windows to let fresh air into your room when you first arrive. Getting the air moving is a great way to increase the chi. Take your favorite scents from home with you, such as your favorite scented candle or incense.


In your hotel room, make sure the telephone and alarm clock are on the floor and not next to your ears. Being awakened abruptly can chase your relaxed mood as well as keeping the pesky "electro-magnetic fields" away from you.

Lift the Chi

Flowers are an inexpensive indulgence that can really lift the chi to your hotel room. Each time you see them; they will remind you of your "blooming possibilities" and be grateful for a safe and pleasurable journey.

Empowered position

If you travel with your laptop for business, you should set it where it will empower you. Keeping your laptop in the far left corner of your hotel room will energize your prosperity corner. A screensaver depicting a green, leafy forest or a flourishing garden can boost your money-making prospects. You can also select an image that is directly related to your business.

Space Clearing 

Space Clearing is a simple proven technique that immediately and profoundly cleanses and heightens the energy in an environment.  The ritual of smudging can be defined as "spiritual house cleaning." In theory, the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as the smoke clears it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it into another space where it will be regenerated into positive energy.

Do a mini space clearing to cleanse your hotel room, cruise cabin, or vacation property of predecessor energy and prepare your environment to accept your personal energy. Burning white sage throughout the space followed up with incense or your favorite scented oil or candle.

Road Warrior

If the ancient Chinese had driven motor vehicles, they would have used the principles of Feng Shui on them, no doubt! Clear negative energy from your car, increase a sense of clarity and protection, prevent road rage by encouraging serenity while you drive.

Clean your car

Those old papers, cans, bottles, and wrappers create chaotic, stuck energy. Don't forget your trunk, glove box and the other nooks where negative energy might accumulate. Have a trash receptacle, and use it. Clearing out the clutter will make you feel a positive difference in the energy inside your car.

Wash the windows

The windows are the eyes of your car.Clean windows allow good energy to enter from outside, besides making it easier to have adequate visibility!

Smudging or "space clearing" your car

Some traditions believe burning sage, sweet grass or a mix of sage, cedar and lavender in a bowl or abalone shell can bless and purify the space before you set off.

Sprinkle sea salt 

Spread some sea salt on the floor of the car as it can absorb negativity, but make sure you vacuum it out regularly.

Make it smell good 

Instead of chemical-filled scented trees, hang a container of essential oils from your rearview mirror. Lemon and ylang ylang are stimulating and can help keep you alert during long drives. Rosemary and lavender are soothing and peaceful, great to prevent road rage.

Keep water in your car

Drinking water clears your energy and mind. Water represents a smooth flow, when you're driving, you want a smooth, flowing experience. Water energy can also make it easier to cope with transportation woes.


Hang a small crystal from your rear view mirror. The crystal represents the light of the sun, which is uplifting, and will also bring the colors of the rainbow into the car.

Choose your intention via your music

If you want to chill out, listen to relaxing music, such as jazz or classical. If you want to stay alert, opt for energizing music. Music stimulates your attitude.Part of Feng Shui is intention. What do you want to experience? Put on that kind of music.
Create protection: Place objects on your console such as a key chain of your spiritual guides to remove travel obstacles and protection you during your trip.

If the ancient Chinese had driven motor vehicles, I have no doubt that they would have used the principles of Feng Shui on them. Clear negative energy from your car, increase a sense of clarity and protection, and prevent road rage by encouraging serenity while you drive

The Mobile Excursion

Feng Shui is usually thought of for permanent homes and buildings. What about trailers - be they in trailer parks or even for travel. Don't these dwellings or temporary residences not deserve the benefits of the practices and disciplines of Feng Shui as well?

To benefit from Feng Shui all homes must have a connection to the earth, Mother Earth, which is well grounded and has strength as well as firmness.  Traditional homes have a foundation to connect them to the solid earth.  Obviously, this is what mobile homes lack. Most mobile homes have built-in stands and levelers to support the foundation -  use them.  In addition, you can place some kind of covering around the base of your mobile home.  The key is not to have the underside of your vehicle open and exposed.  By doing so you will provide another excellent way to provide a grounding element, otherwise energy will pass and move quickly by your life and travels. Providing some type of permanent or even semi-permanent foundation, travelers can enjoy the benefits of Feng Shui with all of its inherent luck and powers.

The goals of this whole exercise is get "Chi" into the front door of your home - be it a permanent fixture or highway bound. The front door to any home can be considered of primary importance - the very "mouth of Chi". Hence the front door, which is perhaps the only door on your wandering recreation vehicle, is a critical area when it comes to Feng Shui, and the practice and discipline of Feng Shui. This is where the energy enters - or worse - does not enter your home away from home.
Making a few changes with the wisdom and powers of Feng Shui can make all the difference in the world. No reason to live in a trailer, whether it be a permanent dwelling or mobile home, and not have these wonderful benefits to your life as well as the lives of friends and family.

One of the best things about Feng Shui is that it's portable. Today, it is more essential than ever before that we prepare ourselves for a trip. That's good news for people who travel on business or for pleasure. Just because you're leaving familiar surroundings doesn't mean you can't be comfortable on the road. 

Make your travel experience more enjoyable, which in turn will create positive energy for yourself and for others around you.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Feng Shui and the Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo makes the perfect house or office plant. It needs little care - only about an inch of water and little direct sunlight to keep it happy and thriving.

Known for centuries as Lucky Bamboo, the plant is not a bamboo at all. The botanical name is "Dracaena sanderiana." It is a resilient member of the lily family that grows in the dark, tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia and Africa. Lucky Bamboo has long been associated with the Eastern practice of Feng Shui - or the bringing of natural elements of water, fire, earth, wood and metal into balance within the environment.

The Chinese Legend says a gift of Lucky Bamboo can bring good luck, prosperity, wealth, and happiness. This little indoor bamboo plant is considered lucky in Feng Shui when it combines and represents all five elements of Feng Shui.

Wood  (the bamboo itself)
Earth  (the rocks the bamboo grows in)
Water  (the water the bamboo grows with or a glass pot)
Fire  (most pots usually have a red ribbon tied to them)
Metal  If the bamboo is planted in a pot other than glass, such as clay or ceramics, it will usually be round in shape - as this represents the metal element.

To enhance the intentional use of Lucky Bamboo, use a specific number of bamboo stalks:

Two (2)  for Love & Marriage
Three (3)  for Happiness
Five (5)  for Health
Seven (7)  for Wealth
Eight (8)  for Abundance
Nine (9)  considered a lucky number and is an overall good number for Good Fortune and Happiness.

Bamboo, since Confucian times, has been identified with strength and fortitude. Though bamboo may be blown down in the storms of life, after they pass, the resilient plant rights itself and goes on, just as we must do when faced with adversity. Lucky bamboo fits right into the Feng Shui system because of the old association with bamboo and the fact that green is a lucky color. It's a kind of lightning rod attracting positive chi your way.  "It teaches the ultimate wisdom: how to be flexible and hollow (open) on the inside, so that the spirit can freely flow and heal your being."

Lucky bamboo enjoys indoor environment, and dislikes direct sunlight. Air exposure comforts its green leaves. All you need to do is to put it in clean water and change the water once a week. Tap water is fine but put the water in a glass or a bowl and let it sit for 24 hours before adding it to your lucky bamboo. The chlorine and fluoride in tap water will evaporate or neutralize during that time. Only use enough water to cover the bamboo roots. High water level may induce excessive roots.

Two problems occur on this dracaena. Spider mites can become a serious problem; sometimes building up to such high populations they cause webbing. Washing the leaves off can control them. The second problem is a leaf tip burn caused by either high salts or high fluoride concentrations in the water. Using rainwater to fill the container is a good way of avoiding these problems.

If your plant is yellow, change the water immediately, and do not give it plant food for a month. Once the stalk turns yellow, it is very difficult to reverse the damage; if it is clear that you cannot save that stalk, remove it immediately to prevent any plant diseased from spreading to the other stalks.

With proper care lucky bamboo plants can grow two or three feet tall, and last for years.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Feng Shui Chi Enhancers

Chi (qi) is an ancient concept which teaches us of the existence of an invisible force or energy that is constantly flowing everywhere. Our quality of life can be diminished or improved depending on the way it flows in our environment. Whenever chi finds obstacles for circulating we will notice it since it will directly affect our lives.

Chi is the natural energy exchange which exists among everything on earth, and it shouldn't be blocked. In the practice of Feng Shui, chi should always be able to flow freely through any space in order to help us remain in balance with the elements surrounding us. Chi is what brings us positive energy and allows us to be prosperous in our lives.

Feng Shui Chi enhancements are objects that you can place in an area in your home to stimulate chi and provide an opportunity to "shift" or move the energy in your home. There are a number of different items you can use to "stir up the energy", depending on your preferred decor.  Our goal is to manipulate the energy in your home so that it nourishes and supports you in manifesting your intentions.

Wind chimes

Wind Chimes should be hung where they can naturally catch the movement of chi.  Wind Chimes made of high quality metal for the most pleasant sounds. They can be used to correct an element imbalance of metal when having 6 rods. Pictured is the Feng Shui Prosperity Wind Chime by Local Artist Jeff Hinkley Click here for more information on Jeff and his wind chime designs. Click to hear the wind chimes.


Mirrors are called "the aspirin of Feng Shui" because they are useful for so many different purposes, but how and when to use them can be a source of uncertainty and confusion.
In Feng Shui applications, mirrors serve three basic purposes:
Deflection (Outside of the home only)

A few guidelines for mirrors: Not facing your front door, reflecting a cluttered area or in the bedroom.


The use of color is the most powerful and easiest enhancement that you can make to your home. Placing an object or picture in a specific color in an area of your home can help to stimulate chi and attract good energy. Additionally, the color that represents the Bagua area in the home will be equally beneficial. As always, surround yourself with your favorite colors. 


If you are looking to add energy to a specific area of your life "light it up"! Add lighting to dark or neglected spaces to attract positive energy. Add a timer to a bedside lamp to bring romance energy to the Love and Romance corner of your bedroom.


Besides their dramatic beauty, using crystals is one of the most powerful methods for improving the flow of healthy "chi" or deflecting unwanted energy in an environment. With so much to say about crystals, I've attached  additional information. More info on Crystals. 

Living Things

Living enhancements include plants and flowers and should always be well cared for and nurtured. The dead or ill leaves of plants and flowers should be removed immediately. I'm not a big fan of potpourri, although good quality silk flowers can also work as an enhancement. If it looks real to you, then you will feel that energy. Your pets fall into this category, as a wonderful addition of fire energy as well as keeping the chi "stirred up" with their movement.


Movement is a very powerful Feng Shui enhancement for stimulating and harmonizing chi. All water features need to have clean, flowing water in order to be effective. It's best to have the water flowing towards your home. Excellent enhancers for the Career (North) and Abundance (Southeast) area of your home according to the Bagua, but not in the bedroom, even if this room falls into one of the above mentioned Bagua areas. This includes aquariums, waterfalls, ponds and birdbaths. 


When you surround yourself with beauty and harmony, life seems more enjoyable. Utilizing the Feng Shui principles with intention and placement, you realize your close relationship between your outer and inner worlds. Strategically placed and displayed images of abundance, relationships and auspicious symbolisms in your surroundings will enhance specific areas of your life. Carefully examine your artwork, posters and pictures that are in your environment. They are powerful manifestation tools to attract into your life your all of your hopes and wishes.

Personal Chi

The Tai Chi Symbol, also known as Yin Yang is familiar to almost everyone, although most don't know what it is or represents.The symbol illustrates the concept of yin yang - a reminder that the best results are obtained when in perfect harmony. Everything is composed of two opposite, yet complimentary energies, called yin and yang. Together these two energies form chi. Chi is a part of everything in the world, and because it is a living, moving force, we can influence how it moves, and thus, how we are affected by it. In Chinese lore, some minerals have the power to affect energy in positive and negative ways. Feng Shui Practitioners believe that mother of pearl (nacre) symbolizes good luck and prosperity, meaning that it has the power to attract wealth to the person wearing it. Black Onyx is considered as one of the powerful protection stones as it absorbs negative energy and promotes emotional well-being. In Indian traditions it is said to help people forego their past relationships bringing the person in harmony with the present. For More Information  

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is also known as the Buddha of Happiness. Legend has it that nothing would make this Buddha happier then to see people's problems, worries and sadness transform into happiness. The Laughing Buddha is a well known symbol of wealth, happiness, innocent and contended joy. It is believed by rubbing his belly, which is said to contain much wealth, it will bring good luck and prosperity to all in the home and the bigger his round tummy, the more auspicious the image. This jolly deity is one of the most beloved of Buddha images. He can be seen in almost every Chinese households and restaurants throughout the world. The Laughing Buddha is also known as the Buddha of Wealth, usually depicted carrying wealth symbols such as pots of gold, large ingots and a sack believed to contain treasures.  

Fu Dogs

These puppies sit right outside my front door!
These Chinese mythical guards are part dog and part lion. The male has his left paw resting on a sphere while the female has her right paw resting on a pup. They have fear-inspiring faces are believed to be protectors that ward off evil influences and spirits. It is their task to probe the mind and intentions of visitor entering your home. 

It is said that people with good thoughts can pass by the Fu Dogs unhindered, but they see through bad people and refuse them entry. The Fu Dogs also nourishes Chi that enters the home or business premises and thus bring in good fortune.


The fish is a symbol of wealth, one that is widely used to attract wealth luck for its owners. Chinese word Yu, which means fish, phonetically matches the word for abundance, - therefore, the fish is an auspicious item to have since it enhances your Wealth and Career luck as well. The Arowana is a tropical fish reputed to be the world's most expensive freshwater aquarium fish. A decent size of certain varieties may cost up to tens of thousands of dollars. Because of its close resemblance of the oriental dragon - with its two 'whiskers', scales and the way it glides through the water, the Chinese character for fish, 'yu' means abundance and coupled with the dragon being the ultimate good luck symbol. The Arowana is a very powerful Feng Shui enhancer associated with wealth, luck, strength and power.   


An image or symbol of two cranes has great influence and impact on your love life according to many ancient Eastern philosophies. The Bird of Immortality, the crane is a very popular symbol that heralds longevity, marital harmony and wisdom and is believed to live a thousand years. The crane is the most favored of all bird symbols of good fortune in Feng Shui next to the phoenix. Place a image of two cranes in the Romance and Relationship area of the main floor of your living space or in that same space of the bedroom you sleep in. This symbol is particularly useful and effective in overcoming any problems surrounding your love life but most especially if those problems stem from differing backgrounds. Click here to read the Chinese Legend of Cranes.  

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Power of Crystals

Faceted crystals come in many different shapes, and even different colors. For use in Feng Shui, however, a clear, colorless faceted ball is the best choice. A faceted Crystal ball tied with red string is potent enough to maneuver and enhance chi wherever it is placed. Red is the most auspicious and powerful color in Feng Shui, as it represents the activation energy of the fire  element. The string should also be cut in increments of nine inches, since nine is a potent number in Feng Shui, and  it represents maximum power. Completely round crystals are better than prism-shaped or geometric crystals, since they allow the chi to travel equally around the sphere and into the entire room.      


Crystals are used to add new energy to a space and to redirect energy in a more beneficial direction. They possess healing qualities and harness the positive energy of nature,  protecting you from chaotic and negative energy. They also harmonize flows of energy, protect you by diffusing poison arrows and attract good energy to a location. It uses the principle of light  deflection in a simple, practical and effective manner to create big changes in energy. When light sources hit the "leaded" faceted spheres, prismatic rainbows scatter beautifully through your space to add new energy to your space, filter off bad energy, harmonize chaotic flows of energy, protect you from poison arrows by   diffusing such energy flow, empower visualization practices and attract good energy to a location.


It is best to cleanse the crystals when you first buy or receive them as a gift. Cleansing your crystals resets their vibration to be receptive to their new owner and the new home. 

There are many methods for cleansing crystals, some more elaborate than others. Hold your crystal under a stream of warm, clear running water.  Submerge them in an earthen container with several teaspoons of sea salt. Rinse and wipe with a soft cloth. Crystals should be cleansed regularly. 


Hang a crystal from the ceiling midway in long narrow hallways, especially those with many doors. 

Hang a crystal over the bottom step of a staircase that ends directly in front of a doorway. This will keep the positive chi from flowing directly upstairs. 

When a door is directly in line with a bed, desk, chair, or a place you spend a lot of time, hang the crystal between the door and, bed or chair so chi will slow down. 

Hang a faceted crystal over the toilet of the  bathroom, if it is situated over your front door or over the kitchen. 

If you have a clear  pathway from your front door to your back door, hang a crystal from the ceiling midway between the two doors. 

To create a greater and smoother energy flow place a crystal in a   window allowing sunlight to pass through, activating the chi in a gentle, yet powerful way. 

Beneath a ceiling fan over your bed (or other key location, such as the dining table), hang a crystal to protect against "cutting" chi from the fans blades. 

Since crystals are wonderful symbols of the earth element, hang the faceted crystal ball in the Southwest corner to energize your romance luck or in the Northeast to enhance education and knowledge energy. Use two faceted crystals in the Love & Marriage Gua of the Bagua to enhance the “couple”   energy with a pair. They provide a great enhancement for the 8 Earth  Prosperity star when applying Flying Star Feng Shui.

Are you curious what crystal colors mean?


The Happy stone. Helps you relieve depression. 


A mentally and emotionally calming stone which helps you to release worry. It also brings your beliefs to the surface for release.


Mirror of your soul, representing your uniqueness and your journey towards clarity. In combination with other colors, it   enhances their  energy. 


Helps you to separate your emotions from those of others. A grounding color which helps with your   self-esteem.


Considered to be the best all-purpose color, it is especially good for soothing your heart and emotions and for creating a feeling of balance and well-being.

Light Blue

Helps  you to experience peace and serenity,   especially in your communications.


Has a balancing and stabilizing effect. Helps your home to discover the roots of time and preservation.

Light Green

A mental color which helps you to release persistent and unwanted patterns of thought. It is particularly helpful with your thought patterns which have lodged in your emotional body, such as anxiety and worry.

Light Purple

The perfect choice if you feel over-stressed,  overworked, or overwhelmed. It helps calm your home and bring forward a peaceful feeling.


If you feel overwhelmed by emotions, it helps to create emotional balance by harmonizing feelings with the higher self. If you feel out of touch with your feelings, it brings them into awareness.


Teaches us to love ourselves, thus opening you up to universal love; heals emotional wounds and gives comfort; helps you to overcome grief.


Helps you release your anger, guilt, and resentment; puts you in touch with your inner source of strength and light. 


Helps you to stabilize all aspects of your being; a stress-reliever which connects you and your home to a inner strength and flow.


This color helps you to balance your energies and also lends a quality of inspiration and confidence to your live.