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Feng Shui: Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are the gateway for positive qi and opportunities to enter and circulate our environments. Doors are symbolic of an invitation to enter a space. The width and height and number of doors at the entrance are indicators of the occupants intention.


They say that the "eyes" are the window to the soul. In Feng Shui, windows are regarded as the "eyes" of the home and they bridge your inner environment with the outer world. They need to be large enough to allow enough light to infuse qi, but not too small leaving you feeling closed in. The condition, location and scale of the windows can impact how clearly you can see your life, opportunities, or obstacle and possible challenges.
  • When we enter a room, our intention is to be inside that space. If a window is directly opposite a door, our energy is pulled straight through the space and out the window. 
  • The top of the window should be higher than the tallest person in the house or it will depress his or her qi.

Avoid slit-like windows, as they suppress the qi and "narrows" the residents perspectives or opportunities.
A house with too many window may be leaking vital qi, thus causing headaches to flared tempers.
Ceiling to floor windows draw our attention & the qi upward, thus not nourishing the living area of the room.

The Mouth of Chi (qi)

The main entry door is by far the most important gateway to your home or business. This is where all the positive energy (qi) enters. The quality of qi entering is dependent upon the entrance or doorway area.

I am asked this question time and time again. The main entrance is the door that was designed by the architect as the entrance to the building. Even if you enter through an alternative entrance such as a garage or back door. The main entrance is still the "Mouth of Chi".

Front Door: To do list

  • Entry pathway is clear & unobstructed.
  • Walkway is wide enough for two adults to fit across.
  • Is there a tree, telephone pole or other obstruction within 6 feet in line with your front door?
  • Beautiful, healthy foliage, plants and trees.
  • Is your house number clear, visible and easily identifiable? 
  • Clean, wash or paint the front door every year.
  • Get a new doormat every year. 
  • Does the door open easily & smoothly? Or does it drag on the ground.
  • Do the door hinges squeak?
  • Is the doorknob loose?
  • Does the doorbell work?
  • Does the outdoor light work? Light Bulb blown out? 
  • Does the door clear an area rug in the foyer, or does it drag on the floor.
  • Do you store items behind the door or hanging on the doorknob on the interior?
  • When entering your front door, is here a straight pathway to your back doors?
All of these issues could have an affect on the quality of qi entering your environment. They could be creating a barrier to new opportunities, not having a "handle" on your finances or money leaving you as fast as it came in.

Front Door Colors

I cannot tell you how many times I am asked about painting the front door RED. 

With regards to the color of your front door, many of us are guided by our homeowners association or standards with our community, but for those of you who have flexibility, you have many options. A color which enhances the house color, a color which appeals to you, or you can follow the corresponding elemental color associated with the compass directions. If using the compass directions, it is the direction your front door faces. (standing at your front door looking out)

South: (Fire) Red, Pink, Purple
Southwest: (Earth) Yellow, beige or brown
West : (Metal) White, silver, copper, gold or gray.
Northwest: (Metal) White, silver, copper, gold or gray.
North: (Water) Black or dark blue
Northeast: (Earth) Yellow, beige or brown.
East: (Wood) Green
Southeast: (Wood) Green

Double Doors

As a general rule, double doors at the main entrance convey the message that all are welcomed. To complicate matters, one of the two doors is often locked, even though there are two door handles. More often than not, a visitor will reach for the locked door - thus feeling rejected. Both doors should remain accessible.

Interior Doors

Conflicting or Fighting Doors

Conflicting or fighting doors exists when two doors hit one another if they are opened at the same time. This can create conflicts for the occupants in the house. If one of the doors in question happens to be a closet door, the conflict may not immediately be apparent.  Also called clashing or bickering doors, they collide with one another which can cause conflicts and arguments within the household. Of course, where the doors are located will have an affect on that part of their life - consult the Bagua.

Piercing Heart, Centered or Off-Centered Doors

Piercing Heart 

Piercing heart doors is illustrated when three or more doors centered in front of you as you walk forward. Similar to a long hallway, the qi rushes too fast through all of the doorways, which could result with some health issues.Hang wind chimes or faceted crystals to encourage the qi to pause and circulate.

Centered Doors

Centered doors are directly opposite one another. Be careful of the function of the rooms behind these doors, as the persons energy will be pulled towards the opposite doorway.
(Remember when you were a kid & your brother or sister wouldn't stay out of your room - thus the "Keep Out" sign on your bedroom door?)

Off Centered Doors

With off-centered doors the qi is interrupted or blocked. It's as if the person is being drawn into the opposite room, but also being blocked by the wall. Watch out for headaches or central nervous system issues. Hang a mirror on the wall directly opposite the open doorway.

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