Saturday, August 9, 2014

If Walls could Talk: Feng Shui your Walls

The placement of artwork on the walls of our homes and businesses holds powerful real estate and operates as the focal point of entrances and rooms. How, where and what we display on our wall, can have a significant effect on us. When dressing your walls with artwork and imagery, there are a few guiding principles to follow in order to incorporate both Feng Shui and design elements.  The most important point to keep in mind is that we want create balance with the five Feng Shui elements of earth, metal, water, wood and fire, uplifting artwork that inspires and lifts our spirits. It should match your d├ęcor style and one that you resonate with on a personal level.

The Entrance or foyer of your home is an incredibly public area of the home. Select artwork that reflects your true personality, as this is the 1st impression of your home. It sets the tone of the rest of the home and is reflective of its occupants. This is not the place for personal pictures, family portraits or personal religious beliefs – these are reserved for the more private areas of your home.
In a business, this area represents the journey of the company and is the 1st impression a potential client or customer experiences. Wall art should reflect the products or services the business offers and should be framed to reveal a sense of pride and dignity. As you move to the center of the business, hang framed art with the company’s mission statement, philosophy and values.

Hallways are the arteries and highways of your home which should allow easy passage from one room to another.  Hallways are great locations to showcase a gallery of photographs.  If your hallway or corridors are small, narrow or dark, frame your artwork in metallic or reflective materials to give a sense of greater width and to boost energy flow.

In Feng Shui, the main entrance is considered the “Mouth of Chi”, where all opportunities enter.  When a staircase is directly facing the main door, the energy rushes up quickly, leaving the main floor without the Feng Shui energy or chi. A popular design feature is to line the walls of the staircase with pictures. Pictures should be hung on the wall straight across the wall, not graduated or angled up the staircase. This will create a sense of balance and stability.

If the first room you see upon entering your home is the kitchen - all the energy coming into the home is going directly into the kitchen, as well as your appetite. Try to create an eye-catching view in another direction when entering the home. Use directional artwork at the entrance to the home to draw the energy away from the kitchen entrance. A collection of beautiful artwork which reflects the personality of the homeowner is an excellent choice.

Adult Bedroom
Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. They are places to recharge our batteries, escape from the outside world, and even indulge ourselves. The bedroom is meant mainly for self-renewal, rest, and relationships. The wall art should inspire relationship energy, displaying a set of matching pictures supporting the “couple” energy in calming relaxing warm earth tones. Use only accents of fire element - bright colors such red, orange or purple. A key location in the bedroom is the last place you see before you go to bed and the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning. This location should have manifesting symbolism and images to support your relationship goals.

Children’s Bedrooms
Be cautious of overly active artwork such as action heroes or very angular abstract artwork. We want to tone down the yang energy in a child’s room to create an atmosphere of calm and security. Even an image of a sword or airplane can have very sharp angle which would be considered a “poison arrow” in Feng Shui. If the image is directed where the child sleeps – it could interrupt their sleep and cause agitation and over activity.  Instead, permit them to choose the artwork which allows them to bring their personality into their space with fun, creative, whimsical images.

Home Office

If you spend a large amount of time in your home office, this room will have a enormous impact on your business life. The walls of your office should be filled with inspiring images and symbolism to be reflective of your ambitions, career and business aspirations. Pay special attention to framing your awards, certification and recognitions. Give thought and consideration to framing, mounting and mattings to preserve these hard earned acknowledgements. Incorporate dark tones of black, navy blue or forest green to bring the element of water which supports us on our “life’s journey”.

Family Pictures or Portraits
Frame family artwork with wooden frames or with the wood element colors of green or blue hues. This will bring the supportive and expansive energy which will encourage family unity and harmony. Honor your ancestors and heritage with respectfully chosen frames to conserve these treasured heirlooms.

The most important aspect of imagery and artwork in our home is to ensure that we surround ourselves with life affirming, uplifting artwork which is supportive of our life’s journey. Look carefully at the powerful real estate of your wall and replace any distressing, depressing, or poverty provoking artwork with the energy that inspires, enriches and moves us forward in life.

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