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The Feng Shui Bathroom - Do's and Don'ts

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A toilet should be installed so it cannot be seen from the bathroom doorway, ideally it should be in its own alcove, or hidden by a screen or wall. 
Mirrors should be as large as possible in the bathroom, without any visible joints. Mirrors must not face each other, or a door, as this increases the energy and speed of qi, which should be slow and calm.  Avoid tiled or smoky mirrors. A mirror should not reflect the toilet as it duplicates the draining affect.

  • Windows should be opened on a daily basis, to allow the fresh air to circulate, this ensures that the qi remains buoyant, and that healthy so wealth and happiness flourish.
  • Doors and drawers to cabinets must be kept closed, so the energy does not move into the dark and stagnate. These cupboard areas must themselves be regularly refreshed.

  • The bathroom is often the first room we visit in in the morning. When we wash and prepare ourselves for the day, you need to have the biggest possible view of yourself at that time. Clean the mirrors as it reflects your self image. You don't need to have low self esteem, so clean your mirrors.
  • Clean out your medicine cabinet. Old, outdated medications are subtle reminders of unhealthy times. Rid your shelves of any expired pills, powders and potions. Keep only the ones you need, and stow those where they won't be the first things you see each time you open the cabinet. 
  • Get rid of magazines and periodicals that you won't read, so that you don't clutter the our bathroom. Rid the space of fashion magazines or tabloids that make you feel that you'll never be rich, thin or beautiful enough. Replace them with books and journals that make you laugh, dream and rejoice.
  • Hide the bathroom scale, no need to constantly "judge" yourself.


Bathrooms and toilets that are off of the kitchen are another health concern. Always keep the door to the toilet closed so that someone in the kitchen cannot see the bathroom, and definitely not the toilet, from the kitchen. Even the visual thought of mixing wastes with food is distasteful and can have a negative health impact. 

If the toilet can be seen from the dining room, this creates another health hazard. Block the view with a curtain or partition of some kind. If a toilet upstairs is over the kitchen or dining room, try to move the table or add lots of earth elements in the bathroom to "control the water".
  • Toilets should never share the same wall as the head of the bed. If a bed is against the wall and the toilet is against that same wall on the other side, then move the bed. This is very unhealthy. Likewise, you should never see or hear a toilet or bathroom from your bed. This can lead to respiratory problems and loss of wealth. Block the view some way and you will help your health and wealth.
  • Plumbing can be a threat to the vital qi energy, as it is the digestive system of the house. Keeping on top of the plumbing maintenance is important, dripping taps represent money being trickling down the drain, blockages (clogs) can represent income being cut off. 
  • The toilet seat should always be closed, this is important partly because of its large opening, but also because of the association with a deliberate act of flushing substance away from the house.
  • Avoid sharp points and edges, as these represent a cutting knife or a disapproving finger.
  • Photographs of loved ones should not be placed in the bathroom. The energy in that space could weaken those relationships.
  • Ideally the bathroom and should not be seen immediately on entering the house, as the incoming qi exits before the whole of the house is energized. Where such a location is unavoidable, there are solutions

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