Friday, September 26, 2014

The Power of Crystals

Faceted crystals come in many different shapes, and even different colors. For use in Feng Shui, however, a clear, colorless faceted ball is the best choice. A faceted Crystal ball tied with red string is potent enough to maneuver and enhance chi wherever it is placed. Red is the most auspicious and powerful color in Feng Shui, as it represents the activation energy of the fire  element. The string should also be cut in increments of nine inches, since nine is a potent number in Feng Shui, and  it represents maximum power. Completely round crystals are better than prism-shaped or geometric crystals, since they allow the chi to travel equally around the sphere and into the entire room.      


Crystals are used to add new energy to a space and to redirect energy in a more beneficial direction. They possess healing qualities and harness the positive energy of nature,  protecting you from chaotic and negative energy. They also harmonize flows of energy, protect you by diffusing poison arrows and attract good energy to a location. It uses the principle of light  deflection in a simple, practical and effective manner to create big changes in energy. When light sources hit the "leaded" faceted spheres, prismatic rainbows scatter beautifully through your space to add new energy to your space, filter off bad energy, harmonize chaotic flows of energy, protect you from poison arrows by   diffusing such energy flow, empower visualization practices and attract good energy to a location.


It is best to cleanse the crystals when you first buy or receive them as a gift. Cleansing your crystals resets their vibration to be receptive to their new owner and the new home. 

There are many methods for cleansing crystals, some more elaborate than others. Hold your crystal under a stream of warm, clear running water.  Submerge them in an earthen container with several teaspoons of sea salt. Rinse and wipe with a soft cloth. Crystals should be cleansed regularly. 


Hang a crystal from the ceiling midway in long narrow hallways, especially those with many doors. 

Hang a crystal over the bottom step of a staircase that ends directly in front of a doorway. This will keep the positive chi from flowing directly upstairs. 

When a door is directly in line with a bed, desk, chair, or a place you spend a lot of time, hang the crystal between the door and, bed or chair so chi will slow down. 

Hang a faceted crystal over the toilet of the  bathroom, if it is situated over your front door or over the kitchen. 

If you have a clear  pathway from your front door to your back door, hang a crystal from the ceiling midway between the two doors. 

To create a greater and smoother energy flow place a crystal in a   window allowing sunlight to pass through, activating the chi in a gentle, yet powerful way. 

Beneath a ceiling fan over your bed (or other key location, such as the dining table), hang a crystal to protect against "cutting" chi from the fans blades. 

Since crystals are wonderful symbols of the earth element, hang the faceted crystal ball in the Southwest corner to energize your romance luck or in the Northeast to enhance education and knowledge energy. Use two faceted crystals in the Love & Marriage Gua of the Bagua to enhance the “couple”   energy with a pair. They provide a great enhancement for the 8 Earth  Prosperity star when applying Flying Star Feng Shui.

Are you curious what crystal colors mean?


The Happy stone. Helps you relieve depression. 


A mentally and emotionally calming stone which helps you to release worry. It also brings your beliefs to the surface for release.


Mirror of your soul, representing your uniqueness and your journey towards clarity. In combination with other colors, it   enhances their  energy. 


Helps you to separate your emotions from those of others. A grounding color which helps with your   self-esteem.


Considered to be the best all-purpose color, it is especially good for soothing your heart and emotions and for creating a feeling of balance and well-being.

Light Blue

Helps  you to experience peace and serenity,   especially in your communications.


Has a balancing and stabilizing effect. Helps your home to discover the roots of time and preservation.

Light Green

A mental color which helps you to release persistent and unwanted patterns of thought. It is particularly helpful with your thought patterns which have lodged in your emotional body, such as anxiety and worry.

Light Purple

The perfect choice if you feel over-stressed,  overworked, or overwhelmed. It helps calm your home and bring forward a peaceful feeling.


If you feel overwhelmed by emotions, it helps to create emotional balance by harmonizing feelings with the higher self. If you feel out of touch with your feelings, it brings them into awareness.


Teaches us to love ourselves, thus opening you up to universal love; heals emotional wounds and gives comfort; helps you to overcome grief.


Helps you release your anger, guilt, and resentment; puts you in touch with your inner source of strength and light. 


Helps you to stabilize all aspects of your being; a stress-reliever which connects you and your home to a inner strength and flow.


This color helps you to balance your energies and also lends a quality of inspiration and confidence to your live.