Thursday, December 18, 2014

Feng Shui Holidays: Room by Room


The front door and entryway are considered the "mouth of chi" where all positive energy enters the home. Make certain that the area is well lit, as light attracts good Chi, thereby increasing its flow into your house.

Holiday lights, vibrant colors and fresh aromas such as gingerbread, or cinnamon will be sure to welcome harmonious holiday energy.

Include elements of metal objects or round shapes, such as ornaments or holiday balls. Add the water element can be represented by wavy shapes, such as garland draped over the doorway or in the entry area. Hang a welcoming wind chime to help keep the positive Chi moving.


Dress the holiday dinner table by striking the perfect balance between the fire element of red napkins for a festive mood and the calming elements of green and cream colored linens.

Lighting white candles releases positive energy, along with having flowers on the table. The combination of the two creates a warm ambiance, opens the heart, and supports people in bringing their best selves to the table.

In Feng Shui we believe the proper seating arrangements are vital to reducing stress. In reality, all the unfinished relationship issues come to the dinner table.

Round or oval tables are the best for Feng Shui friendly dining. In fact, circular shapes are symbolic of eternal unity and intimacy. If you do have a rectangular dining table, to ensure that everyone gets along, set your table with a tablecloth to smooth the hard edges. Make sure your guests are not seated too close to the corners, caused by the cutting chi of the table edges. This can cause a feeling of agitation and being uncomfortably confined.


During the holidays it's easy to feel out of balance, as our environment changes in such an extreme way. You need to recharge your mind, body and spirit in order to keep yourself healthy during the holidays.
Remove much of the electronic equipment from your bedroom and surround yourself with candles, scents, color, and soft textures in your bedroom.


Place sofas and seating in your living room in a circular or octagonal shape which is conducive to easy communication. Try to avoid L-shaped arrangements that may cause an imbalance or where guests may feel cut off. Avoid placing a large coffee table in the center of your living room. Keep the center clear so that family members have a focal point where they may gather. By keeping the center clear you are freeing up chi flow.


Remove sharp knives from the kitchen counter. By placing them out of sight you symbolically diminish the scope for irritability and family arguments. The kitchen is the hub of activity. No matter how large or small your kitchen is - it is the social centerpiece - as well as a clutter magnet. Clutter comes in the guise of gift paper, cards, party invites, decorations, candles, unwanted gifts and the list goes on and on.  Try to keep a handle on what enters your home so that you avoid feeling totally overwhelmed by the experience. 

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