Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Feng Shui & Your Christmas Tree

Do the holiday gatherings create more chaos than harmony? Our homes may be overwhelmed with "human chi", created by visitors, neighbors, friends and of course our family. The most significant and meaningful relationships in most people's lives are with family members, both blood relatives and our extended family. And, with life's highs and lows, our family is most likely to see us at our best...and at our worst.

From a Feng Shui perspective, the addition of the abundant fire energy, adds an overwhelming level of stress, activity and high emotional sensitivity. This fire energy is created by a higher number of people [human chi] gathered together, more lighting and a lot of red colored decor.

However, there are ways you can prepare your home to make the holidays go more smoothly and create an atmosphere of joy and cooperation. Feng Shui has some easy, practical solutions for creating harmony for your home this holiday season.


The Christmas tree is a the focal point in your holiday d├ęcor in addition to a powerful symbol of abundance. There are three favorable locations to consider for your tree. First, is the east direction of your home, where it will promote family togetherness. The next is the southeast corner of your home, where it will encourage abundance and blessings. Finally, the south direction of your home can invite self illumination. If you need to place you tree in another area of your home, here are some guidelines to create some balance.

North: Make sure the tree has lots of water. Decorate the tree with blue lights and decorations or opt for very reflective ornaments such as those made from glass or mirrored. Use a black or very dark colored skirt around the base of the tree.

Northwest: Choose metal ornaments in gold or silver, tinsel, white lights, and metallic tree skirt.

Southwest/Northeast: Use ceramic or porcelain ornaments. Red, pink, yellow, or earth tones such as yellow or red lights or tree red skirt. Pass up the tinsel and metallic ornaments.

West/Northwest: Use Earth materials such as ceramics or metal items and the colors of white, gray or earth tones.

When decorating your tree, consider applying Feng Shui colors for beneficial results. Red is the most popular color for the holidays, but avoid overdoing it. Red is of the fire element and can bring about unwelcomed stress and anxiety. The color green represents the wood element that can be nourishing to your health. Blue is a water element color and can have a very calming and soothing influence.

Wishing you all a blessed holiday season. 

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