Residential Consultation
Focusing on the clients clear objectives by creating an environment for a more harmonious and supportive place to live in. Introducing the Feng Shui principles by delving into the life aspirations of the Bagua, as well as balancing the elements to divert and retain beneficial chi in the home. By deliberately positioning lighting, color, placement of furniture, mirrors, plants, and landscaping to create healthy environments that maximize human potential and well-being.

Business Consultation
By incorporating Feng Shui techniques and design elements you can improve your business, employee morale, customer satisfaction, and overall success. A careful analysis on how to improve the "first impressions" of the business, as well as suggestions on enhancing areas related to opportunities for growth, improving your standing in the community and attracting new customers.

Remote Consultation
Utilizing detailed questions, digital photographs, video or DVD, floor plans, precise compass directions, will give an evaluation your home and information on how to enhance the property based on Feng Shui principles.

Advanced Consultations
Ming Gua, Ba Zhai and Flying Star. By utilizing a Luo Pan (a chinese compass) we can delineate which directions have the most auspicious energy. The directions of the compass, the symbols of the I Ching, (or Book of Changes), the direction your front door faces, and your individual date and time of birth and the construction date of the building are then calculated for auspicious Feng Shui.

Organized Living
Clutter in any area of your home is a sign of stuck, stagnant energy. Depending on the feng shui area where your clutter is located, it can also negatively influence the flow of events in specific areas of your life. Based on the principles of Feng Shui, the accumulation of clutter disrupts the flow of ch’i. “If your house is full, then so is your life, and there's no room for growth”. Clutter can also suggest a person's lack of confidence in the future. The best course of action to organize the space for most beneficial results starts with an in-depth evaluation of the home or business.

Home Staging
When you get ready to sell your home, you'll find that employing Feng Shui practices can add perceived value to your home in a buyer's mind. As is the case with all home sales, first impressions are important, and Feng Shui theories can come into play to bring positive and moving energy into the house. Begin by getting your own stuff out of the house to make room for the new owner's stuff. It not only sets in motion a powerful energy, but it also gives you a head start on your own packing. In Home Staging, presentation is crucial and with the application of Feng Shui guidelines, there’s a good chance that your home will draw buyers easily.

Real Estate Pre-Closing Assessment
Prior to making the decision to purchase a new home, it is most beneficial to assess the energy of the home. Every environment retains chi (energy) based on what is called predecessor energy. This is especially important if you are considering a short sale or a foreclosure property, as the environment will absorb the energy of the previous owner. Utilizing Advanced Compass Feng Shui is an added benefit to determine compatible directions of the home as well as the harmony its future occupants.

Workshops and Seminars
Do something unique for your social or community organization by offering them a lecture on the Principles of Feng Shui. Gather some friends and host a Feng Shui Workshop in your home. This is a fun and informative way to learn about Feng Shui in a casual setting.